Meetings definition

Meetings means the meetings of Affected Unsecured Creditors in the Unsecured Creditor Classes in respect of each Participating CCAA Party called for the purposes of considering and voting in respect of the Plan, which has been set by the Amended and Restated Meetings Order to take place at the times, dates and locations as set out in the Amended and Restated Meetings Order;
Meetings means the Court Meeting and the General Meeting;
Meetings means all regular, special, or called meetings, formal or informal, of a public body for the purposes of briefing, discussion of public business, formation of tentative policy, or the taking of any action.(Neb. Rev. Stat. §84-1409(2))

Examples of Meetings in a sentence

  • All Commission meetings are open to the public and governed by the guidelines of the Open Meetings Act.

  • This does not limit the Grantee’s responsibility to comply with obligations related to the Texas Public Information Act or Texas Open Meetings Act.

  • Meetings shall be held at such time as the Board shall fix, except that the first meeting of a newly elected Board shall be held as soon after its election as the directors may conveniently assemble.

  • Meetings shall be held at such place within or without the State of Nevada as shall be fixed by the Board.

  • Meetings of the stockholders shall be presided over by one of the following officers in the order of seniority and if present and acting-the Chairman of the Board, if any, the Vice-Chairman of the Board, if any, the President, a Vice-President, or, if none of the foregoing is in office and present and acting, by a chairman to be chosen by the stockholders.

More Definitions of Meetings

Meetings means the Court Meeting and the EGM;
Meetings means the General Meeting and the Court Meeting;
Meetings means meetings of the Board, Members and Associates or Council, as the context requires;
Meetings means the Creditors' Meeting and the Members' Meeting;
Meetings means, collectively, the Noteholders’ Meeting and the Shareholders’ Meeting;
Meetings means a meeting of the Full Council or a body of Members formally established by the Full Council, the Leader of the County Council, the Cabinet or a Council Committee.