Accessible to the public definition

Accessible to the public means any whole or part of property that due to its location and commercial or public purpose, the public or a section of the public has or may reasonably be expected to have access to.
Accessible to the public means a recharging or refuelling point to supply an alternative fuel which provides non-discriminatory access to users. Non-discrimi- natory access may include different terms of authentication, use and payment;
Accessible to the public means any whole or part of property that due to its location and commercial or public purpose,

Examples of Accessible to the public in a sentence

  • Accessible to the public without requiring registration or use of a user name, password or another user identification.The technology center’s report will include the following information:a.

  • The Fairness Commissioner must be:• Totally independent, in particular, the Commissioner is independent of ICBC and any prior decisions that may have been made by ICBC • Impartial in all respects • Accessible to the public in writing and online • Responsive to those who write Upon completion of a review, the Fairness Commissioner may:• Refer the matter back to ICBC for reconsideration.

  • Accessible to the public means located where the public can reasonably reach the facility and where all boats typical to that facility can easily use it, charging equitable fees, and being open for reasonable periods.

  • Accessible to the public and followed by the lower courts, this case-law has alleviated the harsh- ness of Article 204 § 3.

  • Project submissions must promote the role of public art in the following ways: Accessible to the public (location and financially), have context specific to the site or the community, include community involvement, express community values, enhance the environment and landscape, and heighten awareness or question assumptions.

  • Accessible to the public means located where the public can reasonably reach the facility and where all boats typical to that facility can easily use it.

  • Accessible to the public without requiring registration or use of a username, password or another user identification.The technology center’s report will include the following information:a.

  • Accessible to the public 24 hours a day it will offer a combination of fixed general seating, adjacent racks for bicycle access and a hitching post and watering trough for dogs.

  • Accessible to the public via a PSF library query to deliver customized compiled data packages.

  • JSC improves life for everyone by sharing its scientific andM Haveyou visited the JSC Human Space Exploration website?Find it at: Accessible to the public, it shows how JSCis advancing the future of human spaceflight and is useful for those who want to know where we’re headed—literally and figuratively—and how we’re gettingthere.

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Accessible to the public means any indoor or outdoor space or area that is open to the public. This does not include private offices or workspaces that are generally not open to customers or public visitors.

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  • Accessible Letter(s) means the correspondence used to communicate pertinent information regarding AT&T- 21STATE to the CLEC community and is (are) provided via posting to the AT&T CLEC Online website.

  • Accessible surface means the external surface of the enclosure or housing provided by the manufacturer.

  • communication to the public of a performance means the transmission to the public by any medium, otherwise than by broadcasting, of an unfixed performance, or of a performance fixed in an audiovisual fixation. For the purposes of Article 11, “communication to the public” includes making a performance fixed in an audiovisual fixation audible or visible or audible and visible to the public.

  • Data Room Information means the information and documents listed in the index of documents contained in the Data Site attached to the Company Disclosure Letter;

  • Responsible public entity means a public entity that has the power to develop or operate the applicable qualifying project.

  • Company Financial Information As defined in Section 2(a)(ii).

  • The public means one or more natural or legal persons, and, in accordance with national legislation or practice, their associations, organizations or groups;

  • Listing Information means an Onvoy Customer’s primary name, address (including city, state and zip code), telephone number(s), the delivery address and number of directories to be delivered, and, in the case of a business Customer, the primary business heading under which the business Customer desires to be placed, and any other information Frontier deems necessary for the publication and delivery of directories.

  • Material Information means information for which there is a substantial likelihood that a reasonable investor would consider it important in making investment decisions, or information that is reasonably certain to have a substantial effect on the price of a company’s securities. Examples of material information include information regarding dividend changes, earnings estimates, changes in previously released earnings estimates, significant merger or acquisition proposals or agreements, major litigation, liquidity problems, and extraordinary management developments.

  • Commercial Information means information regarding the purchase and sale of goods and services, including, but not limited to, information regarding marketing strategy, production data, assessments of goods and services, mineral exploration records, and compilations of data regarding commercial activity.

  • Material Non-Public Information means information which is (a) not publicly available, (b) material with respect to Holdings and its Subsidiaries or their respective securities for purposes of United States federal and state securities laws and (c) not of a type that would be publicly disclosed in connection with any issuance by Holdings or any of its Subsidiaries of debt or equity securities issued pursuant to a public offering, a Rule 144A offering or other private placement where assisted by a placement agent.

  • Public Filings means the reports, schedules, forms, statements and other documents filed by the Company or Bezeq with the SEC or the ISA, as applicable, and publically available at least two (2) Business Days prior to the date of this Agreement.

  • Parent Reports has the meaning set forth in Section 4.5(a).

  • Disclosure to information norm means the Policy shall be void and all premium paid hereon shall be forfeited to the Company, in the event of misrepresentation, mis-description or non-disclosure of any material fact.

  • Private information means **personal information in combination with any one or more of the following data elements, when either the personal information or the data element is not encrypted or encrypted with an encryption key that has also been acquired:

  • Supporting information means the experience and judgment of the filer and the experience or data of other insurers or organizations relied on by the filer, the interpretation of any statistical data relied on by the filer, description or methods used in making the rates and any other similar information required to be filed by the commissioner.

  • GLJ Report means the independent engineering reserves evaluation of certain oil, NGL and natural gas interests of the Company prepared by GLJ dated February 11, 2022 and effective December 31, 2021.

  • Data Room means the virtual data room maintained by the Liquidator, created for the Qualified Bidders to access information in relation to the Company;

  • Accountants’ Report means the report of a firm of nationally recognized Independent Accountants described in Section 4.11.

  • Rating Information means any information provided for the purpose of determining the initial credit rating for the Notes or undertaking credit rating surveillance on the Notes (as contemplated by paragraph (a)(3)(iii)(C) of Rule 17g-5).

  • Privacy Statements means, collectively, any and all of the Company’s privacy statements and policies published on Company websites or products or otherwise made available by the Company regarding the collection, retention, use and distribution of the personal information of individuals, including, without limitation, from visitors or users of any Company websites or products (“Individuals”);

  • Appendix Information means the information which must be provided for the selected modules as set out in the Appendix of the Approved EU SCCs (other than the Parties), and which for this Addendum is set out in:

  • Data Tape Information The information provided by the Responsible Parties as of the Cut-off Date to the Depositor or the Sponsor setting forth the following information with respect to each Mortgage Loan: (1) the Mortgagor's name; (2) as to each Mortgage Loan, the Scheduled Principal Balance as of the Cut-off Date; (3) the Mortgage Rate Cap; (4) the Index; (5) a code indicating whether the Mortgaged Property is owner occupied; (6) the type of Mortgaged Property; (7) the first date on which the Scheduled Payment was due on the Mortgage Loan and, if such date is not consistent with the Due Date currently in effect, such Due Date; (8) the "paid through date" based on payments received from the related Mortgagor; (9) the original principal amount of the Mortgage Loan; (10) with respect to Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loans, the Maximum Mortgage Rate; (11) the type of Mortgage Loan (i.e., Fixed Rate or Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan, First Lien Mortgage Loan or Second Lien Mortgage Loan); (12) a code indicating the purpose of the loan (i.e., purchase, rate and term refinance, equity take out refinance); (13) a code indicating the documentation style (i.e., full, asset verification, income verification and no documentation); (14) the credit risk score (FICO score); (15) the loan credit grade classification (as described in the underwriting guidelines); (16) with respect to each Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan, the Minimum Mortgage Rate; (17) the Mortgage Rate at origination; (18) with respect to each Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan, the first Adjustment Date immediately following the Cut-off Date; (19) the value of the Mortgaged Property; (20) a code indicating the type of Prepayment Charges applicable to such Mortgage Loan (including any prepayment penalty term), if any; (21) with respect to each Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan, the Periodic Mortgage Rate Cap; (22) the applicable Responsible Party with respect to such Mortgage Loan; (23) with respect to each First Lien Mortgage Loan, the LTV at origination, and with respect to each Second Lien Mortgage Loan, the CLTV at origination; and (24) if such Mortgage Loan is covered by a primary mortgage insurance policy or a lender-paid primary mortgage insurance policy, the primary mortgage insurance rate. With respect to the Mortgage Loans in the aggregate, the Data Tape Information shall set forth the following information, as of the Cut-off Date: (1) the number of Mortgage Loans; (2) the current aggregate outstanding principal balance of the Mortgage Loans; (3) the weighted average Mortgage Rate of the Mortgage Loans; and (4) the weighted average maturity of the Mortgage Loans.

  • Narrative Report means, with respect to the financial statements for which such narrative report is required, a narrative report describing the operations of Holdings and its Subsidiaries in the form prepared for presentation to senior management thereof for the applicable month, Fiscal Quarter or Fiscal Year and for the period from the beginning of the then current Fiscal Year to the end of such period to which such financial statements relate.

  • Program Information has the meaning set forth in Section 14.8.

  • Information Disclosure Requirements means the requirements to disclose information under: