Conference definition

Conference means all activities associated with any functions, room rentals, and/or meals on the dates indicated, that are the subject of this Agreement, as described on the Standard Agreement Coversheet form.
Conference means a prearranged gathering with a formal agenda, for consultation or exchange of information or discussion that benefits the state, such as seminars, meetings, and other professional events.
Conference means a meeting between OCCL and a licensee to discuss non-compliance of a serious or repeated nature. If a licensee does not correct this non-compliance as stated in a corrective action plan or agreement of understanding, this may result in an enforcement action. At a conference, a licensee may also dispute non-compliance with regulations cited by a licensing specialist during a compliance review, complaint or other visit, or discuss the denial of a variance request.

Examples of Conference in a sentence

  • Proceedings of 1st National Conference on Water Resources & Flood Management (WRFM-2016) with special reference to Flood Modelling, under the aegis of India Society for Hydraulics (ISH), Pune, October 14-15, 2016.

  • Oral presentation at the Society for Implementation Research Collaboration Biennial Conference, Seattle, Washington.

  • The names of qualified candidates for Chair-elect shall be placed on the ballot with other officer candidates and shall be voted upon by the voting membership of the ASAHPERD at the time of the annual Fall Conference.

  • Poster presentation at the Annual Conference on the Science of Dissemination and Implementation, Washington, D.

  • Poster presentation at the Conference on the Science of Dissemination and Implementation in Health, Arlington, Virginia.

More Definitions of Conference

Conference means an agreement between or among two or more ocean common carriers which provides for the fixing of and adherence to uniform rates, charges, practices and conditions of service relating to the receipt, car- riage, handling and/or delivery of pas- sengers or cargo for all members. The term does not include joint service, pooling, sailing, space charter, or transshipment agreements.
Conference means a meeting between OCCL and a licensee to discuss serious non-compliance as defined in these regulations or to discuss the denial of a variance request.
Conference means the revenue estimating conference established by this act.
Conference. ’ shall mean the Judicial Conference of the United States;
Conference means a meeting between the evaluator and the evaluatee for the purposes of providing feedback, analyzing the results of an observation or observations, reviewing other evidence to determine the evaluatee’s accomplishments and areas for growth, and leading to the establishment or revision of a professional growth plan.
Conference means any conference, seminar, congress, forum, workshop, course, meeting, deputation, information and training session or events related to the industry of local government, and held within Australia.