User Generated Content definition

User Generated Content means any content that originates from End Users in any format, including graphics, text, or voice content published through or as part of a Software Title.
User Generated Content means audiovisual content posted to a site by a person other than the operator of the site and available for free viewing by end-users; (« contenu généré par les utilisateurs »)
User Generated Content means any Audiovisual Content that includes one or more musical works and that is created by anyone other than the creator or creators of the underlying musical work(s) or a person authorized by the creator or creators.

Examples of User Generated Content in a sentence

  • If the Competition is conducted on, or utilising, social media including, without limitation Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the Competition shall be subject to the terms of use governing the applicable social media platform including the RAC User Generated Content Policy.

  • While Red Hat does not expect that you will send or post any User Generated Content in connection with these Services, Red Hat will have no obligations with respect to User Generated Content.

  • You understand that any User Generated Content that you send through the Services may be read or intercepted by others.

  • Although you are solely responsible for the content provided by you, Red Hat may, but is not required to, monitor User Generated Content.

  • If Red Hat becomes aware of User Generated Content that violates this Agreement that it believes to be obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, excessively violent, harassing, or otherwise objectionable, Red Hat may act to restrict access to or availability of the material and/or Services, without notice to you and in its sole discretion, or may take other action as described elsewhere in this Agreement.

More Definitions of User Generated Content

User Generated Content means any content including, but not limited to, content disseminated through websites, social networks, chat rooms, bulletin boards, databases, blogs or mobile phones which is not created by you or on your behalf.26.
User Generated Content or “UGC” is content submitted via the Services with the intent of being publicly displayed. UGC includes but is not limited to reviews, ratings, questions, and answers. UGC includes associated meta data, such as date and time stamp.
User Generated Content. ’ means any content, includ-
User Generated Content. (UGC)” means broadcast content that is created or produced by the end-user and is publicly available.
User Generated Content means any information, images, comments, posts or other content created, uploaded, shared, published or distributed by a User using this website, either directly or indirectly;
User Generated Content means any materials or content created by any employee, staff member, student or similar user. For students, specifically, user or pupil-generated content is for the purpose of education including, but not limited to, essays, research reports, portfolios, creative writing, music or other audio files, photographs, videos, and account information that enables ongoing ownership of pupil content.
User Generated Content means all such material posted by Users on the Website/Application.