HIV/AIDS definition

HIV/AIDS means Human Immuno-deficiency Virus/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome;

Examples of HIV/AIDS in a sentence

  • The AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) helps ensure that ADAP-eligible individuals living with HIV/AIDS have access to life-saving HIV medications.

  • The threat of potential spread of HIV/AIDS and other STIs arises since the introduction of the projects could also lead to an increase in sexual promiscuity.

  • This team will undertake HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns at two months interval.

  • Some laws cover care for HIV/AIDS, mental health records, and drug and alcohol use.

  • Monitoring will cover the following parameters and their frequency of monitoring:• There will be quarterly HIV/AIDS awareness workshops, to be held by qualified health personnel, to assess the level of awareness and understanding of workers and townsfolk.

More Definitions of HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS means Human Immuno-deficiency Virus / Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome;
HIV/AIDS means the Human Immuno-deficiency Virus/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome;
HIV/AIDS means Human Immunodeficiency Virus / Acquired Immunodeficiency Virus.
HIV/AIDS means human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, an infectious disease caused by the human immunodeficiency virus that damages the body's immune system and leads to the body's inability to fight off infection.