embedded generator definition

embedded generator means a generator who is not a market participant and whose generation facility is connected to a distribution system of a distributor, but does not include a generator who consumes more electricity than it generates;
embedded generator means an exemptible electricity generator whose electricity generating facility is not directly connected to the Transmission System;
embedded generator means an electricity generating device, such as a photovoltaic panel or wind turbine that is connected to the customer’s electrical installation beyond the point of control.

Examples of embedded generator in a sentence

  • The DNSP shall connect the Embedded Generator in accordance with the requirements of section 2.7 of this code.2.4.17.

  • It shall be the responsibility of an Embedded Generator to present a generating license to the DNSP. Embedded Generators owning a micro/mini-embedded generating installation do not require a Generation Licence.

  • Voltage surges and switching disturbances2.6.3.2. Special quality of supply criteria will be agreed between the DNSP and the Embedded Generator and must meet the minimum requirements in the applicable Zambian Standards.

More Definitions of embedded generator

embedded generator means a legal entity that operates one or more Unit(s) that is connected to the distribution system. Alternatively, a legal entity that desires to connect one or more Unit(s) to the distribution system;
embedded generator means the electricity generating device that is connected to the Customer’s Electrical Installation beyond the Point of Control.
embedded generator means a person who engages in the activity of owning, controlling or operating a generating system that supplies electricity to, or who otherwise supplies electricity to a transmission system or distribution system and who is registered with NEMMCO in that capacity as described in Chapter 2 of the NER.
embedded generator means a single generator, or a group of generators, connected to the distribution network, at voltages between 400 V and 33 kV;
embedded generator means a generator who owns, operates or controls an embedded generating unit;
embedded generator means a generator who owns or operates one or moreembedded generating stations;