Unitholders definition

Unitholders means the holders of Units.
Unitholders means the Record Holders of Units.
Unitholders in this context means Unitholders entered on the register at a time to be determined by the Manager and stated in the notice of the meeting which must not be more than 48 hours before the time fixed for the meeting.

Examples of Unitholders in a sentence

  • In case the mode of holding is joint, all Unitholders are required to sign Sole/First Applicant/Guardian Second Applicant Third Applicant Date Place Instructions for Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) Features and Terms & Conditions of Systematic Transfer Plan (STP)Particulars1.

  • Unitholders should consult their own tax advisers concerning the tax consequences of their particular situation with regard to the distribution.

  • Unitholders who do not wish to nominate are required to confirm the same by indicating their choice in the space provided in the nomination form.

  • DematerializationThe Unitholders would have an option to hold the units in dematerialized form.

  • Accordingly, financial transactions (including redemptions, switches and all types of systematic plans) and non-financial requests will not be processed if the Unitholders have not completed KYC requirements.

More Definitions of Unitholders

Unitholders means persons who are registered as holders of Units for the time being of a Unit, including persons so registered as joint holders, except where the registered holder is CDP, the termUnitholder” shall, in relation to Units registered in the name of CDP, mean, where the context requires, the Depositor whose Securities Account with CDP is credited with Units;
Unitholders means the Managing Owner and all Limited Owners, as holders of Units of a Fund, where no distinction is required by the context in which the term is used.
Unitholders means the General Partner and all holders of Units, where no distinction is required by the context in which the term is used.
Unitholders means the holders from time to time of one or more Trust Units.
Unitholders means holders of Units, and “Unitholder” means any one of them.
Unitholders means holders from time to time of the Trust Units;
Unitholders means holders of Units.