Preferred Shareholders definition

Preferred Shareholders means the holders of Preferred Shares.
Preferred Shareholders means the holders of the Preferred Shares.
Preferred Shareholders means the Persons in whose names Preferred Shares are registered in the ownership register relating to the Preferred Shares maintained by the Preferred Share Registrar.

Examples of Preferred Shareholders in a sentence

  • Certain Preferred Shareholders (including, among others, all corporations and certain foreign individuals) are not subject to these backup withholding and reporting requirements.

  • However, such Preferred Shareholders should complete the Substitute Form W-9 (or, in the case of a foreign Preferred Shareholders, an appropriate IRS Form W-8 or Substitute Form W-8) to avoid erroneous backup withholding.

  • Preferred Shareholders who cannot deliver their Preferred Shares and all other required documents to the Depositary by the Expiration Date must tender their Preferred Shares pursuant to the guaranteed delivery procedure set forth in Section 3 of the Offer to Purchase.

  • Under U.S. federal income tax law, a backup withholding tax may be imposed on the gross proceeds otherwise payable to certain Preferred Shareholders pursuant to the Offer.

  • Election of Trustees by Preferred Shareholders voting as a separate class.

More Definitions of Preferred Shareholders

Preferred Shareholders means the Series A Shareholders and the Series B Preferred Shareholders.
Preferred Shareholders means a record owner of outstanding Preferred ---------------------- Shares.
Preferred Shareholders. As defined in Section 2.2.
Preferred Shareholders means the Series A Preferred Shareholders, the Series B Preferred Shareholders, the Series C Preferred Shareholders and the Series D Preferred Shareholders, and a “Preferred Shareholder” means any of them;
Preferred Shareholders is defined in the Preamble.
Preferred Shareholders means the holders of Preferred Shares, and “Preferred Shareholder” means any one of them;
Preferred Shareholders means each of the Persons listed on Schedule 1.01 who hold Capital Stock in Xxxxxxx Exploration, together with its successors, assigns and transferees of its shares of Capital Stock of Xxxxxxx Exploration that are Affiliated Funds of such Preferred Shareholders.