Preferred Holders definition

Preferred Holders means the record owners of outstanding Preferred Securities.
Preferred Holders means holders of Series C Preferred Stock.
Preferred Holders shall have the meaning set forth in the Preamble hereto.

Examples of Preferred Holders in a sentence

  • The Series A-1 Stockholders, MPM and the Specified Preferred Holders shall notify the Corporation in writing at least three (3) days prior to such mailing of the persons designated by them respectively pursuant to Section 4.1 above as nominees for election to the Board.

  • Shares and Preferred Securities shall be deemed to be personal property giving Shareholders and Preferred Holders only the rights provided in the Declaration.

  • In the absence of any notice from the Series A-1 Stockholders, MPM and the Specified Preferred Holders, the director(s) then serving and previously designated by the Series A-1 Stockholders, MPM and the Specified Preferred Holders, as applicable, shall be renominated.

  • The Trustees shall have a lien on the assets belonging to the appropriate Series, or in the case of an expense allocable to more than one Series, on the assets of each such Series, prior to any rights or interests of the Shareholders and Preferred Holders thereto, for the reimbursement to them of such expenses, disbursements, losses and liabilities.

  • The Corporation shall provide the Series A-1 Stockholders, MPM and the Specified Preferred Holders with at least twenty (20) days’ prior notice in writing of any intended mailing of notice to the Stockholders of a meeting at which directors are to be elected, and such notice shall include the names of the persons designated by the Corporation pursuant to this Section 4.

More Definitions of Preferred Holders

Preferred Holders means the Series A Holder, the Series A-1 Holders, the Series B Holder, the Series C Holders, the Series C-1 Holders, the Series C-2 Holders and the Series D Holders.
Preferred Holders has the meaning set forth in the preamble to this Amended and Restated Agreement.
Preferred Holders means the holders of Preferred Shares and/or Ordinary Shares issued upon conversion of the Preferred Shares (as adjusted for any share dividends, combinations, reclassifications or splits with respect to such shares and the like), and their permitted transferees and assigns.
Preferred Holders means, collectively, Apollo and Blackstone.
Preferred Holders means any holder of Preferred Stock.
Preferred Holders means the Persons, who shall from time to time, own of record any Series A Preferred Shares. The term "PREFERRED HOLDER" shall mean one of the Preferred Holders.
Preferred Holders means holders of the Preferred Shares.