Tender Contract definition

Tender Contract means the contract between the City and each Tenderer governing the ITT process;
Tender Contract means any contract whether simple or by deed formed upon receipt by the City of a tender from a Tenderer in response to the Invitation to Tender;
Tender Contract means the contract between the Owner and Tenderers governing the ITT process;

Examples of Tender Contract in a sentence

  • Each Tenderer acknowledges and agrees that the City will not be responsible for Losses incurred by the Tenderer as a result of or arising out of submitting a Tender, or due to the City’s acceptance or non-acceptance of its Tender, or any part thereof, or any breach by the City of the Tender Contract between the City and the Tenderer, or arising out of any Contract award not being made in accordance with the express or implied terms of the Tender Documents.

  • All questions, disputes or differences arising under, out of or in connection with the Tender/ Contract shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Ahmedabad court.

  • No cost escalation in any form is included in the Tender Contract Agreement.

  • The material required under this Tender/ Contract is a Raw Material/ Consumable that is directly used for PRODUCTION.

  • No cost escalation in any form is included in the Tender Contract Agreement.18.

  • Bid security/Performance security 10% of the cost of the supply value shall be deposited by me in the form of FDR/Bank Guarantee in the name of The Director, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Bhopal (India)as attached herewith and shall remain in the custody of the Director till the validity of the Tender Contract plus two month (i.e. for 62 months).

  • Has unauthorisely obtained official company information or copies of documents, in relation to the Tender/ Contract.

  • The work shall be carried out as per general of conditions of contract for central PWD works 7/8 (Tender Contract) and form part of the agreement/document.

  • Performance security 10% of the cost of the supply value shall be deposited by me in the form of FDR/Bank Guarantee in the name of The Director,All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Bhopal (India)in the format at annexure XII attached herewith on award of the contract and shall remain in the custody of the Director till the validity of the Tender Contract plus three month (i.e. for 63 months).

  • Should any information found to be incorrect subsequently, at any point of time, the Tender/ Contract shall be rejected / terminated and the EMD / SD shall be forfeited and take very severe action as per BHEL procedure/ guidelines/ practices.

More Definitions of Tender Contract

Tender Contract means any Contract between, on the one hand, Quidel or any of its Affiliates or any of their distributors, and on the other hand, a Governmental Authority or a Person other than a Governmental Authority that otherwise was subject, or obtained pursuant, to a tender or procurement process involving a Governmental Authority, in each case with respect to the procurement of any Q-B Products, and (i) in effect as of the Effective Date, or(ii) entered into in the Ordinary Course of Business after the Effective Date and prior to the Transition Date for any Active Territory covered by such Contract, subject to the prior written consent of Beckman to entry into such new Contract, such consent not to be unreasonably withheld.
Tender Contract means any contract between the City and a Tenderer coming into existence on the submission of a Tender and governing the ITT process;
Tender Contract means the tender process contract formed between the City and a Tenderer on the City receiving a Tender in response to the ITT;
Tender Contract means a contract whereby the Supplier of a specific solution has been sourced via a tender procedure. In this instance orders are issued in terms of the contractually agreed milestones and deliverables;
Tender Contract means any contract whether simple or by deed formed upon receipt by

Related to Tender Contract

  • Charter contract means a fixed term, renewable contract between a charter school and an authorizer that outlines the roles, powers, responsibilities, and performance expectations for each party to the contract.

  • Bidder/Contractor means the interested Firm/ Company/ Supplier/ Distributors that may provide or provides related Equipment/Services to any of the public/private sector organization under the contract and have registered for the relevant business thereof.

  • Seller Contract any Contract (a) under which Seller has or may acquire any rights or benefits; (b) under which Seller has or may become subject to any obligation or liability; or (c) by which Seller or any of the assets owned or used by Seller is or may become bound.

  • sub-contract means the primary contractor’s assigning, leasing, making out work to, or employing, another person to support such primary contractor in the execution of part of a project in terms of the contract;

  • Provider contract means any contract between a provider and a carrier (or a carrier's network,

  • Similar contract means Ammunition.

  • CFD Contract or "CFD" shall mean a contract which is a contract for difference by reference to fluctuations in the price of the relevant security or index;

  • O&M Contract means the operation and maintenance contract that may be entered into between the Concessionaire and the O&M Contractor for performance of all or any of the O&M obligations;

  • Privatization contract means an agreement or series of agreements between a state contracting agency and a person or entity in which such person or entity agrees to provide services that are substantially similar to and in lieu of services provided, in whole or in part, by state employees, other than contracts with a nonprofit agency, which are in effect as of January 1, 2009, and which through a renewal, modification, extension or rebidding of contracts continue to be provided by a nonprofit agency;

  • Sale Contract means a contract providing for the sale of one or more projects to one or more contracting parties and includes a contract providing for payment of the purchase price in one or more installments. If the sale contract permits title to the project to pass to the other contracting party or parties prior to payment in full of the entire purchase price, it shall also provide for the other contracting party or parties to deliver to the municipality or to the trustee under the indenture pursuant to which the bonds were issued one or more notes, debentures, bonds or other secured or unsecured debt obligations of such contracting party or parties providing for timely payments, including without limitation, interest thereon for the balance of the purchase price at or prior to the passage of such title.[C66, 71, 73, 75, 77, 79, 81, §419.1; 81 Acts, ch 130, §1; 82 Acts, ch 1001, §1, ch 1049, §1, 2,ch 1132, §1]83 Acts, ch 47, §1; 83 Acts, ch 182, §1; 84 Acts, ch 1266, §22; 94 Acts, ch 1162, §1; 96 Acts,ch 1129, §91; 2009 Acts, ch 100, §17, 21; 2012 Acts, ch 1023, §157; 2013 Acts, ch 90, §99Referred to in §419.17, 419.18

  • Master Contract means the CATS Master Contract between the Maryland Department of Budget and Management andTO Contractor dated December 19, 2005.

  • Open Contract means a Contract which has not been closed out and which has not yet matured;

  • Job-order-contracting means a project delivery method in which:

  • Key Sub-Contract means each Sub-Contract with a Key Sub-Contractor;

  • Proposed Contract means the agreement including any other terms and conditions contained in or referred to in this RFP that may be executed between the DBSA and the successful Bidder.

  • Customer Contract means any Contract between Agilent or any of its Subsidiaries on the one hand and a customer, distributor or dealer of Agilent or any of its Subsidiaries on the other hand for the purchase, sale, distribution, marketing, servicing, support or manufacturing (or similar matters) of Automated Semiconductor Test Systems.

  • Other Contract means any agreement entered into between the Contractor and the City that is (i) formed under the authority of MCC Ch. 2-92; (ii) for the purchase, sale or lease of real or personal property; or (iii) for materials, supplies, equipment or services which are approved and/or authorized by the City Council.

  • Assigned Contract means (a) any contract that in ALTISOURCE’s sole judgment relates exclusively to the AAMC Business and (b) with respect to any contract that relates, but does not in ALTISOURCE’s sole judgment relate exclusively, to the AAMC Business (“Partial Assigned Contracts”), the portion, if any, of such Partial Assigned Contract that, in ALTISOURCE’s sole judgment, relates to the AAMC Business (the “AAMC Portion”).

  • Main Contract means the contract between the Employer and the Contractor for the carrying out and completion of the Works.

  • Concession Contract means a contract for pecuniary interest concluded in writing between one or more economic operators and one or more contracting authorities within the meaning of Articles 168 and 172, in order to entrust the execution of works or the provision and management of services to an economic operator (the ‘concession’). The remuneration shall consist either solely in the right to exploit the works or services or in that right together with payment. The award of a concession contract shall involve the transfer to the concessionaire of an operating risk in exploiting those works or services encompassing demand risk or supply risk, or both. The concessionaire shall be deemed to assume an operating risk where, under normal operating conditions, there is no guarantee of recouping the investments made or the costs incurred in operating the works or the services at stake;

  • Executory Contract means a contract to which one or more of the Debtors is a party that is subject to assumption or rejection under sections 365 or 1123 of the Bankruptcy Code.

  • Major Contract means (i) any management agreement relating to the Properties or the Loan Parties to which a Loan Party is a party, (ii) any agreement between any Loan Party and any Affiliate of any Relevant Party and (iii) any brokerage, leasing, cleaning, maintenance, service or other contract or agreement of any kind (other than Leases) relating to the Properties, in each case involving payment or expense of more than One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) during any twelve (12) month period, unless cancelable on thirty (30) days or less notice without requiring payment of termination fees or payments of any kind (other than amounts that accrued prior to the termination date).

  • Tenderer/Bidder means the firm or Company (hereinafter called Tenderer/ Bidder) who duly submits the tender after accepting all the terms & conditions of the tender document.

  • Qualified Contract A Contract that qualifies under the Code as an individual retirement annuity (“IRA”) or a Contract purchased under a Qualified Plan that qualifies for special tax treatment under the Code. Qualified Plan — A retirement plan that receives favorable tax treatment under Section 401, 403, 408, 408A or 457 of the Code. Quarterly Contract Anniversary — Every three month anniversary of the Contract Date. SEC — Securities and Exchange Commission.

  • framework contract means a contract whereby the procurement is made for a certain volume or quantity of a particular good, a set of goods, services or works over a specific period against an agreed sum or rate per item or lump sum.