Transporter(s) definition

Transporter(s) means any pipeline(s) transporting gas sold hereunder to and from the Point(s) of Delivery and to the Point(s) of Redelivery.

More Definitions of Transporter(s)

Transporter(s) means any pipeline on which any gas under this Agreement is transported.
Transporter(s). Equipment’ means all equipment deemed necessary by Transporter and installed by or on behalf of Transporter for the delivery of Gas to the Customer.
Transporter(s) means any of the following: Texas Eastern Transmission, Texas Gas Transmission, Tennessee Gas Pipeline, Transcontinental Gas Pipeline, Dominion Gas Transmission Inc., National Fuel Gas Supply, Iroquois Gas Transmission, Honeoye Storage Company, Algonquin Gas Transmission Company and Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline L.L.C.
Transporter(s) means (i) PSE&G and (ii) all pipeline companies transporting Gas for Seller or Buyer pursuant to a particular Confirmation. ARTICLE III FIRM PERFORMANCE OBLIGATION 3.1 "Firm Performance Obligation" means Seller shall be required to sell and Buyer shall be required to purchase the Contract Quantity of Gas set forth herein on each Gas Day. Either Party may interrupt its performance only to the extent that such performance is prevented for reasons of Force Majeure without liability to the other Party. ARTICLE IV
Transporter(s) means the natural gas pipeline company(ies) and their associated physical facilities, enabling the physical delivery and receipt of Gas on behalf of either Party pursuant to a Transaction.