QUANTITY OF GAS Sample Clauses

QUANTITY OF GAS. 4.01 Subject to the other terms and provisions of this agreement, beginning November 1, 1990 and daily thereafter during each Contract Year, Seller agrees to make available to Buyer at the Pricing Point(s) a maximum quantity of gas equal to the Daily Contract Maximum ("DCM") or such lesser quantity as Buyer may schedule from time to time hereunder. 4.02 Buyer shall have no obligation to purchase any minimum quantity of gas hereunder. 4.03 Buyer shall timely provide to Seller all nomination and scheduling information required by Transporter in connection with the quantities of gas Buyer desires to purchase hereunder. Buyer shall notify Seller by telephone of all changes in its daily scheduled quantities sufficiently in advance so that Seller may comply with Transporter's advance notice requirements. Buyer shall take gas as nearly as practicable at uniform hourly rates of flow, at uniform daily deliveries and in conformance with any requirements of Transporter, subject to Article XII.
QUANTITY OF GAS. 3.21 (a) Upon and subject to the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement in each Month of each Contract Year each of the Producers severally agrees to sell and deliver in each Month of each Contract Year:
QUANTITY OF GAS. As a "GAF Almost Firm Gas Transportationservice classification user of the City's natural gas service, the Customer contracts and agrees to accept an average daily quantity of gas of seventy-five (75) Mcfs [Mcf = one thousand (1,000) cubic feet]. Should the Customer fail to consume a minimum of at least ninety (90%) of the contracted daily amount on an annualized basis, the Customer may be charged for that minimum amount of gas.
QUANTITY OF GAS. The quantity of energy delivered will be determined by converting the value recorded by the Metering Equipment to a standard value of energy in accordance with the Gas Measurement Standard. If, however, the Network User or EVN wishes to dispute the accuracy of the Metering Equipment, written notice must be given to the other party.
QUANTITY OF GAS. 2.1 The Maximum Daily Quantity of gas, as defined in Paragraph 1 of the Transportation General Terms and Conditions of PGT’s FERC Gas Tariff First Revised Volume No. I-A, which is the maximum quantity of gas that PGT is required to deliver for Shipper’s account to Shipper’s point(s) of delivery is set forth in Exhibit A, attached hereto and made a part hereof.
QUANTITY OF GAS. 6.1 Seller commits all gas produced from the Dedicated Lease(s) to Buyer under this Contract that Seller owns, controls, or has the rights to commit.
QUANTITY OF GAS. 5.01 The SELLER agrees to sell and deliver GAS, to the BUYER a quantity approximately upto Thirty Thousand (30,000) Standard Cubic Meters per day. In case higher volume of Gas is available, the same shall be given to BUYER at the Contract price.
QUANTITY OF GAS. The CONTRACTOR shall have the right to produce such quantity of wellhead gas as required to yield up to a maximum quarterly average calendar day rate of thousand ( ,000) MMSCFD for the term of this Agreement, provided that at all times the CONTRACTOR in conducting Petroleum Operations acts as a Reasonable and Prudent Operator. The CONTRACTOR shall not have the right to produce any greater quantity of Gas than the amount stated in this Article 2.6, subject however to the GOVERNMENT’s right to Free Gas pursuant to Article 7.1.1.