Definition of Transition Charges

Transition Charges means those rates and charges that are separate from rates of PREPA and that are imposed pursuant to a Restructuring Resolution on Customers to recover the Ongoing Financing Costs, and shall include a pro rata share of any late payment fee imposed in respect of any past-due bill for electric service that includes in such bill an amount for Transition Charges.

Examples of Transition Charges in a sentence

On the Petition Date, the Debtors filed the Motion of Energy Future Holdings Corp., et al., for Entry of (A) an Order Authorizing Certain of the Debtors to Pay Certain Prepetition Transition Charges and Delivery Charges and (B) An Order Authorizing Certain of the Debtors to Assume Transmission and Distribution Service Agreements [D.I. 38] (the "TDSP Motion").
The Servicer shall implement the revised Transition Charges, if any, resulting from such Annual True-Up Adjustment as of the Annual True-Up Adjustment Date.
The Corporation, and the Restructuring Property, including the Transition Charges and Transition Charge Revenues, regardless of whether the Corporation is the owner of the Restructuring Property, shall not be subject to any fees, taxes, special ad valorem levies or assessments of any kind, including income taxes, franchise taxes, sales taxes or other taxes or payments or contributions in lieu of taxes.
Upon the issuance of the Restructuring Bonds, the Restructuring Resolution corresponding thereto, the related Transition Charges, including their Non- bypassability and the procedures for the applicable Adjustment Mechanism, as provided in the Restructuring Resolution, Trust Agreement or other security document related thereto, shall be irrevocable, final, non-discretionary and effective without further action by the Corporation or any other Person.
A REP shall not be obligated to pay the overdue Transition Charges of another REP.