Break Fee definition

Break Fee means an amount to compensate a Proponent for some of the costs the Proponent had incurred in developing and submitting a Proposal in the event that the RFP Process is cancelled, as determined by the Sponsors in accordance with RFP Section 10.3.3;
Break Fee means the fee payable by you in respect of a Service with a Fixed Contract Period if you change a plan or if the Service is cancelled and unless stated otherwise in the Critical Information Summary, is calculated by multiplying the minimum monthly charge by the number of months remaining in the Fixed Contract Period as at the date of Service cancellation (months remaining x minimum monthly charge). This fee may also be called an early termination fee. Carrier and Carriage Service Provider have the meanings given them in the Telecommunications Xxx 0000 (Cth).
Break Fee has the meaning ascribed to it in Section 6.3(b);

Examples of Break Fee in a sentence

  • If the Break Fee or Reverse Break Fee become payable under this Agreement, Pushpay or the Bidder (as the case requires) must pay it to or as directed by the other party without withholding or set-off (except as required by law) within 13 Business Days after receipt of a written demand for payment from the other party.

  • Payment of a Break Fee shall represent full and final satisfaction of any obligation or liability of the Sponsors and the Government of Ontario to the Proponent and Proponent Team Members in connection with this RFP, and the Sponsors’ obligation to pay the Break Fee shall be contingent on the receipt of a waiver, in form and substance satisfactory to the Sponsors, from the Proponent and Proponent Team Members to that effect.

  • Except for the Break Fee, the Reverse Break Fee, the Pushpay Intentional Breach Damages and the Bidder Intentional Breach Damages (which are inclusive of GST, if any) all other stated amounts payable or consideration to be provided under or in connection with this Agreement do not include GST (“GST Exclusive Consideration”).

  • The obligation to pay the Break Fee as described in this paragraph 7.3 shall survive termination of the Implementation Agreement and remain in effect until all liabilities of the VIT Managers described in this paragraph7.3, if any, have been satisfied.

  • For the avoidance of doubt, if only a portion of the Break Fee or the Reverse Break Fee is held by a Court to be enforceable, that portion which is payable must be paid within 13 Business Days of the relevant determination.

More Definitions of Break Fee

Break Fee has the meaning specified in Section 9.2(a).
Break Fee means US$1,635,410,676;
Break Fee means an amount equal to $2,500,000.
Break Fee means the amount specified in the Schedule.
Break Fee. Has the meaning given to it in Section 8.2.
Break Fee has the meaning set forth in Exhibit 4.
Break Fee shall have the meaning ascribed in Section 7.3(d);