Definition of Term B-2 Loans

Term B-2 Loans means the New Term Loans made by the New Term Loan Lenders to the Borrower pursuant to a Joinder Agreement dated as of May 25, 2011.

Examples of Term B-2 Loans in a sentence

Each Subsidiary Borrower hereby appoints the Borrower as the administrative borrower hereunder, and the Borrower shall act under this Agreement as the agent, attorney-in-fact and legal representative of such Subsidiary Borrower for all purposes, including receiving account statements and other notices and communications to such Subsidiary Borrower from the Administrative Agent or any Lender and receiving proceeds of the Term B-2 Loans.
On the Restatement Effective Date, Term B-2 Loans in the aggregate principal amount of $450,210,111.89 were outstanding.
The proceeds of the Term B-2 Loans shall be used to finance general corporate and working capital purposes.
The amount of each such prepayment shall be applied, subject to Section 1.9(b)(vi) below, first to the outstanding Term Loans (to be applied on a ratable basis between the outstanding Term A Loans, Term B-1 Loans, and Term B-2 Loans based on the outstanding principal amounts thereof) until paid in full and then to the Revolving Credit.
Term B-2 Loans may be Base Rate Loans or Eurocurrency Rate Loans, as further provided herein.