Definition of Term B-2 Lenders

Term B-2 Lenders means the Lenders under the Term B-2 Loans.

Examples of Term B-2 Lenders in a sentence

Applicable Term B-2 Percentage means with respect to any Term B-2 Lender at any time, such Term B-2 Lenders Applicable Percentage in respect of the Term B-2 Facility at such time.
Such Defaulting Lenders right to approve or disapprove any amendment, waiver or consent with respect to this Agreement shall be restricted as set forth in the definitions of Majority Lenders, Required Revolving Credit Lenders, Required Term A Lenders, Required Term B Lenders, Required Term B-2 Lenders and Section 10.01.
The Term B-2 Commitment of each Term B-2 Lender shall be automatically and permanently reduced to $0 upon the making of such Term B-2 Lenders Term Loans pursuant to Section 2.01(b)(iii).
Subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein, each Additional Term B-2 Lender agrees to make Refinancing Term Loans to the Borrower on the Third Amendment Closing Date (which shall refinance the Term B Loans existing prior to such date and be considered Term B-2 Loans for all purposes hereunder), in an amount equal to such Additional Term B-2 Lender's Additional Term B-2 Commitment.
The Administrative Agent shall notify the Borrower of each Revolving Lender's, Term A Lender's, Term B-1 Lender's or Term B-2 Lender's, as applicable, determination under this Section no later than the date 15 days prior to the Existing Revolving Maturity Date, the Existing Term A Maturity Date, the Existing Term B-1 Maturity Date or the Existing Term B-2 Maturity Date, as applicable (or, if such date is not a Business Day, on the next preceding Business Day).