Definition of Term B Facility

Term B Facility means, at any time, (a) on or prior to the Closing Date, the aggregate amount of the Term B Commitments at such time and (b) thereafter, the aggregate principal amount of the Term B Loans of all Term B Lenders outstanding at such time.

Examples of Term B Facility in a sentence

Term B Facility Loans that are repaid or prepaid may not be reborrowed.
Each Lender with a Term B Facility Commitment agrees, severally and not jointly, on the terms and conditions of this Agreement, to make a Term B Facility Loan to Borrower in Dollars on the Closing Date in an aggregate principal amount equal to the Term B Facility Commitment of such Lender.
The Term B Borrowing shall consist of Term B Loans made simultaneously by the Term B Lenders in accordance with their respective Applicable Percentage of the Term B Facility.
Each such prepayment shall be applied to the installments of the Term B Facility in direct order of maturity.
The Class of a Loan (or of a Commitment to make a Loan) refers to whether such Loan is a Revolving Loan of any particular Tranche, a Term A Facility Loan, a Term B Facility Loan, a New Term Loan of any particular Tranche, or a Term Loan of any particular Tranche of Term Loans created pursuant to an Extension Amendment or a Refinancing Amendment or a Swingline Loan, each of which constitutes a Class.