Borrower Party definition

Borrower Party. A borrower, a Mortgagor, a manager of a Mortgaged Property, an Accelerated Mezzanine Loan Lender, or any Borrower Party Affiliate. For the avoidance of doubt, with respect to a Mortgage Loan secured by a residential cooperative property, a person shall not be considered a “Borrower Party” solely by reason of such person holding one or more cooperative unit loans that are secured by direct equity interests in the related borrower or owning one or more residential cooperative units comprising the related Mortgaged Property as a result of any foreclosure, transfer in lieu of foreclosure or other exercise of remedies with respect to any such unit loan(s).

Examples of Borrower Party in a sentence

  • Any Lender may furnish any information concerning any Borrower Party in the possession of such Lender from time to time to assignees and participants (including prospective assignees and participants), subject, however, to the provisions of Section 12.17.

  • Each Agent (and any successor acting as an Agent) and its Affiliates may make loans to, issue letters of credit for the account of, accept deposits from, acquire equity interests in, and generally engage in any kind of banking, trust, financial advisory, underwriting or other business with any Borrower Party (or any of its Subsidiaries or Affiliates) as though such Agent were not an Agent or a Lender hereunder and without notice to or consent of the Lenders.

  • No Agent shall be deemed to have knowledge or notice of the occurrence of any Default or Event of Default (other than a payment default under Section 10.1(a)) hereunder unless such Agent has received notice from a Lender or a Borrower Party referring to the Loan Document, describing such Default or Event of Default and stating that such notice is a “notice of default”.

  • Each Lender expressly acknowledges that no Agent-Related Person has made any representations or warranties to it and that no act by any Agent-Related Person hereafter taken, including any review of the affairs of any Borrower Party, shall be deemed to constitute any representation or warranty by such Agent-Related Person to any Lender.

  • Each Lender Party recognizes and agrees that the Administrative Agent shall not be required to determine independently whether the conditions described in Sections 6.2(a) or 6.2(b) have been satisfied and, when the Administrative Agent disburses funds to any Borrower or the Letter of Credit Issuer causes Letters of Credit to be issued or accepts any Qualified Borrower Guaranties, the Administrative Agent may rely fully upon statements contained in the relevant requests by a Borrower Party.

More Definitions of Borrower Party

Borrower Party means any one of them.
Borrower Party shall have the meaning assigned to such term in the Lead Securitization Servicing Agreement.
Borrower Party. Either (i) a borrower under a Mortgage Loan or Loan Combination, a Mortgagor or a manager of a related Mortgaged Property or any Affiliate of any of the foregoing or (ii) a holder or beneficial owner (or an Affiliate of any holder or beneficial owner) of any Accelerated Mezzanine Loan.
Borrower Party. A borrower, a Mortgagor, a manager of a Mortgaged Property, the holder of a mezzanine loan that has accelerated the related mezzanine loan (unless (i) acceleration was automatic under such mezzanine loan, (ii) the event directly giving rise to the automatic acceleration under such mezzanine loan was not initiated by such mezzanine lender or an affiliate of such mezzanine lender and (iii) such mezzanine lender is stayed from exercising and has not commenced the exercise of remedies associated with foreclosure of the equity collateral under such mezzanine loan) or commenced foreclosure or enforcement proceedings against the equity collateral pledged to secure the related mezzanine loan, or any Borrower Party Affiliate.
Borrower Party has the meaning set forth in Section 13.03(b).