Definition of TEPPCO

  1. TEPPCO means TEPPCO O/S Port System, LLC, a Texas limited liability company.

Examples of TEPPCO in a sentence

  1. In rendering such opinion, such counsel shall be entitled to receive and rely upon representations of officers of the Enterprise Entities and the TEPPCO Entities and any of their respective affiliates as to such matters as such counsel may reasonably request.
  2. Member Interests mean the membership interests of TEPPCO GP, all of which are owned by GP Holdings.
  3. This Agreement shall remain in effect until the earliest to occur of (i) the TEPPCO Effective Time (as defined in the MLP Merger Agreement), (ii) the termination of the MLP Merger Agreement in accordance with its terms (including after any extension thereof), and (iii) the written agreement of the Unitholders and the Partnership to terminate this Agreement.

Definition of TEPPCO in Partnership Agreement

TEPPCO means Texas Eastern Products Pipeline Company, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company.