EPD definition

EPD means the Environmental Protection Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.
EPD means Enterprise Products Partners L.P., a Delaware limited partnership, any legal successor entity thereto, or any other Person that is the “Guarantor” as defined in the March 15, 2000 Indenture or any replacement or supplemental indenture.

Examples of EPD in a sentence

  • Life Cycle Assessment Calculation RulesDeclared / Functional unit descriptionBRE Global’s PCR, which was followed for this EPD, prescribes the use of a declared unit rather than a functional unit for cradle-to-gate LCAs / EPDs (with modules C1-C4 and module D).

  • The decision calendar may be adjusted depending on the timeliness of EPD review of soil erosion and sedimentation control plans per state law and rules.

  • Space envisaged for the air handling unit to be indicated, which will be provided by BHEL - EPD separately.

  • Prior 2006 Metallurgical recycling of electronic scrap, Proceedings of EPD Congress, 899-908.

  • During any period when a state of emergency is declared by the governor or the commissioner regarding drought in the county, the county shall be subject to EPD Level 4 drought restrictions on outdoor watering, meaning no outdoor water use is permitted except under the exemptions of the Rules of the EPD, Chapter 391-3-30-.05.

More Definitions of EPD

EPD shall have the meaning set forth in the Preamble.
EPD means a loan for which any of the first four (4) payments due after purchase of the Loan by ArcHome becomes ninety (90) or more days delinquent and such delinquency is not attributable to an error in servicing or other material error of ArcHome or its affiliates. "Expiration Date" with respect to any Locked Loan or Mandatory Commitment is that date which the applicable loan file(s) must be received by ArcHome complete and in purchasable form for the Purchase Price Percentage to be honored.
EPD means electrophoretic display.