GPM definition

GPM means gallons per minute.
GPM means gal per minute.
GPM means GPM Investments, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, together with all of its subsidiaries. Prior to the Business Combination, Arko Holdings held a majority of the outstanding equity of GPM, and, following the Business Combination, both Arko Holdings and GPM became our wholly owned subsidiaries.

Examples of GPM in a sentence

  • A positive displacement pump, rated at and powered to produce 75 GPM at 2,500 PSI shall be supplied.

  • Mr. Ching replied the first priority would most likely this one, the Palani Deep Well, simply because it is the most straightforward and highest GPM.

  • Water taken from the(se) fire hydrant(s) will _ will not be metered and applicant must: _ Provide and make use of an elevated water storage tank equipped with a float valve which is acceptableto the District and is of sufficient capacity so that a meter flow of 500_ GPM will not beexceeded.

  • Next would be Hualālai Deep Well, which is the next highest GPM, and then Keopu Deep Well.

  • The maximum allowable extension shall not be longer than the initial delivery period as stated in the original contract (as per Manual of Procedures for the Procurement of Goods and Services, GPM Vol.

More Definitions of GPM

GPM means grams per mile.
GPM means Gallons per MCF of Gas.
GPM means grams per mile (grams of emissions per mile of travel).
GPM means gallons per Mcf.
GPM means gallons per MCF.
GPM means gallons per minute. “HI” means the Hydraulic Institute.