GPM definition

GPM means gallons per minute.
GPM means gal per minute.
GPM means grams per mile.

Examples of GPM in a sentence

  • These results show that the pressure drop does not exceed 15 psi over a range of flow rates from 0 to 40 GPM.

  • Grandfathered Production Maintenance (GPM) Code Cost per new featureNOTE: After enough iterations of the Legacy Software Change Algorithm the software may approach Self-Sustaining software and be able to remove the “Grandfathered” prefix.21LegacyCodeGrandfathered ProductionMaintenanceProductionMaintenance Message to This Audience Write tests now, while (or before) writing your intended production software.

  • Secondly, the sequential model-based techniques used in prior work relied on Gaussian Process Models (GPM) to reflect on the configurations explored (or evaluated) so far [13].

  • McCandless filed the Statement of Claim for exempt stock claim 41H 30115344 on August 4, 2017, claiming a decreed right to 45.00 GPM of groundwater with a December 31, 1968, priority date.

  • McCandless filed an Amendment to Statement of Claim requesting to reduce the claimed flow rate to 30.00 GPM and change the type of historical right to a use right.

More Definitions of GPM

GPM means GPM Investments, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, together with all of its subsidiaries. Prior to the Business Combination, Arko Holdings held a majority of the outstanding equity of GPM, and, following the Business Combination, both Arko Holdings and GPM became our wholly owned subsidiaries.
GPM means Gallons per MCF of Gas.
GPM means grams per mile (grams of emissions per mile of travel).
GPM means “gallons per minute,” the standard measurement used for water flow.
GPM means gallons per Mcf.
GPM means gallons per minute. “HI” means the Hydraulic Institute.
GPM means gallons per minute;