EXCO definition

EXCO means EXCO Resources, Inc., a Texas corporation.
EXCO shall refer to both EXCO and its Affiliates.

Examples of EXCO in a sentence

  • The Annual Improvement Plan covers all six of the department’s budgetary programmes.Another overarching consideration is for SOEs to develop their own individual improvement plans for inclusion in future departmental improvement plans for purposes of implementation monitoring by EXCO.

  • The output of this review (functional and technical architecture) should be approved by EXCO, as earlier recommended, and thus form a policy basis for budget management using the IFMIS.

  • Officials were also sent to national level courses conducted by SBEU, UNI, MTUC and professional organizations in Sarawak & West Malaysia and overseas to attend Regional Training Courses & Conferences.Education and training remains a key priority for SBEU and the EXCO will continue to implement a comprehensive training programme for the Union.

  • The Fund conducted a number oF stakeholder engagements including events with EXCO, internal statt and the media.Our stakeholder engagement included the dissemination oF a number oF messages, including educating our members about the changes that have taken place within the Fund, insourcing, rebranding and other services.

  • The role of the Executive Director, the Overall Convenors, the Chamber Convenors, the Management Committee and Executive Council (EXCO) will be dependent on which issues are being tabled, and at what level they are taken up.

More Definitions of EXCO

EXCO has the meaning set forth in the Preamble.
EXCO means the Executive Committee of WCC, as constituted in terms of this Constitution.