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TENNECO means Tenneco Inc., a Delaware corporation.
TENNECO means Tenneco Inc., a Delaware corporation, and any successor.
TENNECO means Tenneco Inc., a Delaware corporation, and any successor. "TENNECO ADJUSTMENT" means any proposed adjustment by a Tax Authority or claim for refund asserted in a Tax Contest to the extent Tenneco would be exclusively liable for any resulting Tax under this Agreement and exclusively entitled to receive any resulting Tax Benefit under this Agreement. "TENNECO FEDERAL CONSOLIDATED RETURN" means any United States federal Tax Return for the affiliated group (as that term is defined in Code Section 1504) that includes Tenneco as the common parent and includes any member of the Shipbuilding Group or the Industrial Group. "TENNECO GROUP" means Tenneco and its Affiliates, excluding any entity that is a member of the Industrial Group or the Shipbuilding Group. 5

Examples of TENNECO in a sentence


  • Novas Title: Vice President, Finance TENNECO AUTOMOTIVE OPERATING COMPANY INC.


  • The forms of the Notes and the Trustee's certificate of authentication shall be substantially as follows: [form of face of note] NEW TENNECO INC.


  • Novas Title: Vice President Finance TENNECO INTERNATIONAL HOLDING CORP.

  • The forms of the Debentures and the Trustee's certificate of authentication shall be substantially as follows: [form of face of debenture] NEW TENNECO INC.

  • The forms of the Debentures and the Trustee's certificate of authentication shall be substantially as follows: [FORM OF FACE OF DEBENTURE] TENNECO PACKAGING INC.

  • TENNECO INC., a Delaware corporation (the “Company”), promises to pay interest on the principal amount of this Security at the rate per annum shown above.

  • The forms of the Notes and the Trustee's certificate of authentication shall be substantially as follows: [FORM OF FACE OF NOTE] TENNECO INC.

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TENNECO means Tenneco Inc.
TENNECO means Tenneco Inc., a Delaware corporation. "TENNECO COMMON STOCK" has the meaning ascribed to such term in the recitals to this Agreement. "TENNECO CORPORATE RECORDS" has the meaning ascribed to such term in SECTION 6.01(A) hereof. "TENNECO HOLDERS" means the holders of record of Tenneco Common Stock as of the Distribution Record Date. "TENNECO TRADEMARKS AND TRADENAMES" means all trademarks, service marks, and tradenames containing "TENNECO", "TEN", or "TENN" or variations thereof, along with their respective applications and registrations wherever used or registered; provided, however, that the term shall not include the word "Tennessee" to the extent such word is used in the business and operations of Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company or otherwise in the Energy Business. "TERMINATION DATE" means the date on which this Agreement is terminated pursuant to and in accordance with the provisions of SECTION 8.11 of this Agreement. "THIRD PARTY CLAIM" has the meaning as defined in SECTION 7.05(A) hereof. "TBS SERVICES AGREEMENT" means the Services Agreement by and among Industrial Company, Shipbuilding Company and Tenneco Business Services Inc., which agreement shall be entered into on or prior to the Distribution Date in substantially the form attached hereto as EXHIBIT L and which agreement Tenneco and the Energy Business will not become a party to and not be bound by without the consent of Acquiror, which Acquiror may withhold in its sole discretion. "TRANSITION SERVICES AGREEMENT" means the Transition Services Agreement by and between Tenneco and Tenneco Business Services Inc., which agreement shall be entered into on or prior to the Distribution Date in the form attached hereto as EXHIBIT M. "TRANSITION TRADEMARK LICENSE" has the meaning ascribed to such term in SECTION 5.02 hereof. SECTION 1.02.
TENNECO. (except the word "Tennessee"); and (b) With respect to Tenneco, within two years following the Distribution Date, and, with respect to Shipbuilding Company, within one year following the Distribution Date, remove any and all references to the Tenneco Trademark and Tradenames from any and all signs, displays or other identification or advertising material (excluding any such material that is the subject of SECTION 5.03 below). After the conclusion of such period, each of Tenneco, Shipbuilding Company, and each other member of its respective Group or over which it has legal or effective direct or indirect control shall not use or display any of the Tenneco Trademarks and Tradenames without the prior written consent of Industrial Company, which consent may be withheld for any reason or no reason whatsoever. After the Distribution Date, no party hereto shall represent or permit to be represented to any third Person that it or any member of its Group has a business affiliation with any other party hereto or any member of such other party's Group, except as expressly permitted by any of the Ancillary Agreements. SECTION 5.03.
TENNECO means, prior to the Transaction, Tenneco Inc., a Delaware corpora- tion, to be renamed El Paso Tennessee Pipeline Company following the Transac- tion. "Transaction" means the series of transactions pursuant to which (i) Tenneco and its subsidiaries, pursuant to the Distribution Agreement, restructure, di- vide and separate their various businesses and assets so that all of the as- sets, liabilities and operations of (A) their automotive parts, packaging and administrative service businesses ("Industrial Business") are owned and oper- ated by the New Tenneco, (B) their shipbuilding business ("Shipbuilding Busi- ness") are owned and operated by the Company and (C) the remaining existing and discontinued operations of Tenneco and its subsidiaries other than those relating to the Industrial Business or the Shipbuilding Business, including the transmission and marketing of natural gas will be owned by Tenneco; (ii) Tenneco would subsequently distribute pro rata to holders of Tenneco common stock all of the outstanding common stock of New Tenneco and the Company (the "Industrial Distribution" and the "Shipbuilding Distribution" respectively, and collectively the "Distributions"); and (iii) thereafter a subsidiary of El Paso Natural Gas Company ("El Paso") would be merged with and into Tenneco pursuant to the Agreement and Plan of Merger dated as of June 19, 1996 (as such may be amended, supplemented or modified from time to time) among El Pa- so, El Paso Merger Company and Tenneco. 22
TENNECO means "Tenneco Inc." and its affiliates.
TENNECO means Tenneco Oil Company, a Delaware corporation.

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