Brands definition

Brands means the Sprint PCS Brands and the Sprint Brands.
Brands means the Trademarks listed on Exhibit F attached hereto and reputation symbolized thereby.
Brands indicates any brand, commercial image, commercial denomination, social denomination, logo or property-related indication, URL and other source or commercial indication.

Examples of Brands in a sentence

  • Name Brands: Specifications may reference name brands and model numbers.

  • Brands or model numbers identified in the specifications of this ITB are deemed to meet all written specifications.

  • Whenever Goods are indicated in the specifications or schedules by a catalog description, or by a trademark or trade name or by the name of any particular patentee, manufacturer, or dealer, such description shall mean the Goods indicated or any equal thereto in all essential respects as shall be determined by the City, except when the Goods are purchased according to an Acceptable Brands List or are indicated as brand specific only, no equal will be accepted.

  • When Goods are purchased under an "Acceptable Brands List," the Agency Chief Contracting Officer reserves the right, before or after the award, to call for samples and s/he may remove any brand from the "Acceptable Brands List" which has been found to have changed in quality since the date on which the list was compiled.

  • Brands of equal quality shall be considered, except where otherwise stated, provided the bidder specifies the brand, model and number on which their bid is submitted and submits samples, specifications and other information necessary to properly evaluate the bid.

More Definitions of Brands

Brands means the real estate services brands owned or controlled by Bridgemarq namely, Royal LePage, Johnston & Daniel and Via Capitale.
Brands means Interstate Brands Corporation, one of the Debtors and a debtor-in-possession, Case No. 04-45816 (JWV).
Brands means a permanent notation on the electric vehicle record which prints on the certificate of title and vehi- cle registration certificate that records a circumstance or con- dition involving a vehicle.
Brands means the Trademarks (words and/or design including applicable logos), alone or in combination with other words or symbols, and any variations or derivatives, owned and/or used by each of the Franchise Entities.
Brands means the different types of Whisky, Brandy, Rum, Gin, Vodka, Wine and Ready to Drink varieties manufactured by the offeror under different trade names which are in existence in the market and are approved by the Commissioner of Excise, Andhra Pradesh.
Brands means each of the brands set out in Schedule 3;
Brands means a permanent notation on the electric vehicle record which prints on the certificate of title and vehicle registra- tion certificate that records a circumstance or condition involving a vehicle.