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EAG clause 35;
EAG clause 48;
EAG clause 36;

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  • According to the Table 11, the score of the direct influence of EAG variable on IPQH is 0.49, EAG on KUMKM is 0.92 and IPQH on KUMKM is 0.08.Indirect influence analysis is aimed to know how to strengthen the influence of one variable with another indirectly.

  • Scope and Methodology: The Academy formed a study team that received input from an Expert Advisory Group (EAG) of National Academy Fellows.

  • Pg. 61 Figure 8.7 Participant (EAG), Proportion of Gaze Duration on Four Quadrants, by Session.

  • EAG variable more influence on KUKM variable than IPQH variable.This study aims to examine the influence of Entrepreneurial Action Group on Creative Economy-Based SMEs performance through Internalization of Quadruple Helix Role.

  • This means that the better the score of IPQH and EAG, the more developed the KUKM.

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EAG clause 48
EAG clause 61;
EAG means the Economic Advisory Group as more particularly described in Clause 10.1 (Advisory Panels) and whose terms of reference are set out at Part 2 of Error! Reference source not found. (Economic Advisory Group Terms of Reference)
EAG clause 38;
EAG clause 82;
EAG. Environmental Assessment Group Limited, a private company limited by shares incorporated in England and Wales, and all of its Subsidiaries.
EAG has the meaning given to it in the Funding Agreement and shall include a reference to any successor grant(s);