EAG definition

EAG clause 35;
EAG clause 48;
EAG clause 61;

Examples of EAG in a sentence

  • The Secretary of State shall notify the Academy Trust at a date preceding the start of each Academy Financial Year of the GAG and EAG figures in respect of the Academy which, subject to Parliamentary approval, the Secretary of State plans for that Academy Financial Year and of the assumptions and figures on which these are based.

  • The Academy Trust shall only spend EAG in accordance with the scope, terms and conditions of the grant set out in the relevant funding letter.

More Definitions of EAG

EAG clause 68;
EAG clauses 62-63;
EAG means the Economic Advisory Group as more particularly described in Clause 10.1 (Advisory Panels) and whose terms of reference are set out at Part 2 of Error! Reference source not found. (Economic Advisory Group Terms of Reference)
EAG has the meaning given to it in the Funding Agreement and shall include a reference to any successor grant(s);
EAG clause 82;
EAG has the meaning ascribed to such term in Section 2(c).
EAG clause 48; “Recurrent Expenditure” – clause 35. In this Agreement the following words and expressions shall have the following meanings:-