Basin definition

Basin means a groundwater basin or subbasin identified and defined in Bulletin 118 or as modified pursuant to Chapter 3 (commencing with Section 10722).

Examples of Basin in a sentence

  • Rapid increase in Kathmandu‟s population and related city expansion has put great pressure on the water resources of the Upper Bagmati Basin.

  • The reporting and notification conditions under Sections B.1 and B.2 are required to provide the Central Valley Water Board necessary project information and oversight to ensure project discharges are complying with applicable Basin Plan requirements.

  • Work in waters of the state and temporary diversions must not cause exceedances of water quality objectives; accordingly, these conditions require implementation of best practicable treatments and controls to prevent pollution and nuisance, and to maintain water quality consistent with the Basin Plan and Antidegradation Policy.

  • Conditions under Section E.2 related to compliance with water quality objectives and designated beneficial uses are required pursuant to the Central Valley Water Board’s Basin Plan.

  • Data from these monitoring studies is used to inform existing control programs, including the Delta Mercury Control Program under the Basin Plan.

More Definitions of Basin

Basin means a watershed basin designated by the Secretary for use as a planning unit under subsection 1253(d) of this title.
Basin means the drainage area identified by an 8−digit hydrologic unit code, as determined by the U.S. Geological Sur- vey.
Basin means the Roanoke River Basin.
Basin or “subbasin” means a groundwater basin or subbasin identified and defined in the department’s Bulletin No. 118.
Basin or “Subbasin” shall mean the San Joaquin Valley, Cosumnes Subbasin, Basin Number 5-2216, as identified in DWR Bulletin 118.
Basin means the area of land around a river from which streams run down into it;
Basin means a geographical area determined by the watershed limits of the system of waters, including surface and underground waters;