Definition of Tenants Plans

Tenants Plans means the plans and specifications for the build-out or upfit of the Premises as approved by Landlord and Tenant in accordance with and as contemplated in the Work Letter Agreement.

Examples of Tenants Plans in a sentence

Termination Option EXHIBIT "H" - Expansion Option EXHIBIT "I" - Renewal Option EXHIBIT "J" - Indemnity Agreement EXHIBIT "L" - First Right of Refusal EXHIBIT "M" - Furniture Inventory EXHIBIT "N" - Signage EXHIBIT "O" - Tenants Plans TENANT: Keyvan Rafie, a sole proprietorship LANDLORD: Met Life International Real Estate Equity Shares, Inc., a Delaware corporation By: /s/ KEYVAN RAFIE By: /s/ MICHAEL J.
All structural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical drawings, to be prepared by the base building consulting engineers, necessary to complete the Premises in accordance with Tenant's Plans.
Tenant shall permit Landlord to review and provide input during the preparation of Tenant's Plans.
The costs of preparing Tenant's Plans and performing the Tenant Improvements shall be allocated between, and paid by, Landlord and Tenant as set forth in this EXHIBIT B.
All revisions and modifications to the Tenant's Plans shall be made promptly by Tenant and revised sets of Tenant's Plans shall be forthwith furnished to Landlord upon Tenant's receipt thereof.