Local Exchange Service Sample Clauses

Local Exchange Service. Local exchange service means the provision of telephone lines to customers with the associated transmission of two-way interactive, switched voice communication within the geographic area encompassing one or more local communities as described in maps, tariffs, or rate schedules filed with and approved by the commission.

Related to Local Exchange Service

  • COMPETITIVE LOCAL EXCHANGE COMPANY (CLEC) means a telephone company certificated by the Commission to provide local exchange service within BellSouth's franchised area.

  • Shift Exchange Department of Corrections – Work Release Facilities (WR) and Military Department – Youth Academy‌ Overtime-eligible employees employed at WR or the Youth Academy who have the same job classification will be allowed to exchange full shifts for positions in which they are qualified in accordance with the following:

  • Local Interconnection Data Exchange for Billing 7.7.1 There are certain types of calls or types of Interconnection that require exchange of Billing records between the Parties, including, for example, alternate billed and Toll Free Service calls. The Parties agree that all call types must be routed between the networks, accounted for, and settled among the Parties. Certain calls will be handled via the Parties' respective operator service platforms. The Parties agree to utilize, where possible and appropriate, existing accounting and settlement systems to xxxx, exchange records and settle revenue.

  • Product and Service Offerings The Products and services available under this Contract are set forth herein and specified in Appendices C and D which may be amended during the contract term to incorporate new Product or service offerings, price revisions or deleted items. This Contract is limited to sale, installation and maintenance of Product (see also 4.2 Service Offerings). Leasing is not permitted at this time. The Commissioner reserves the right to amend the Contract at any time to incorporate lease offerings. Offering updates should be submitted under the Contract as soon as possible after they are announced by Contractor in accordance with the terms of Appendix H. GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS