Definition of Telecommunication Rules

Telecommunication Rules means any and all Laws, regulations and rules currently in effect in Brazil, governing telecommunications services rendered by any of the Telemig/Amazonia Companies, including: (i) Federal Law no. 9,472/97 (the "General Telecommunications Law") and Decree no. 2,196/97 (the "Special Services Rule"); (ii) all regulations issued by the Ministry of Communications, ANATEL or any other Governmental Authority applicable to the rendering of SMP services in Brazil.

Examples of Telecommunication Rules in a sentence

PMCL is required, pursuant to Rule 13 of the Pakistan Telecommunication Rules, 2000, to enter into an interconnection agreement within ninety (90) days from the request of another operator.
ARTICLE 4: Definitions and interpretations Definitions and interpretations of the expressions and words used in this agreement shall have the same meaning as given to them in the Pakistan Telecommunication (Re- organization) Act, 1996 (the 'Act'), Pakistan Telecommunication Rules, 2000 (the 'Rules'), Pakistan Telecommunication Authority Regulations (the 'Regulations') and instructions/ orders/ determinations of PTA, issued from time to time.