Definition of Telecommunications Law

Telecommunications Law means any Applicable Law administered by the FCC or any comparable state or local Applicable Law relating to the provision of telecommunications services administered by a public utility commission or analogous regulator in any United States state or the District of Columbia regulating the telecommunications industry and having authority over any of the Acquired Companies and/or any of the property, assets or business of any of the Acquired Companies.
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Telecommunications Law means the Ley Organica de Telecomunicaciones of Venezuela.
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Examples of Telecommunications Law in a sentence

Even though telecommunications services regulations in general are quite comprehensive, they are still quite restrictive when it comes to utility services, as defined by the General Telecommunications Law (LGT), as the case of STFC.
The Borrower and each Subsidiary is in compliance in all material respects with the Federal Telecommunications Law, all other Applicable Laws, all Governmental Approvals (including the Material Concessions) and its Organizational Documents other than any such failure to comply that, individually or in the aggregate, could not reasonably be expected to result in a Material Adverse Change.
Qualified Mexican Person: shall mean a Person that is either a Mexican national or is organized under the laws of Mexico and satisfies the requirements of the Federal Telecommunications Law and Foreign Investment Laws as then in effect.
Under the Antitrust Law (Ley Federal de Competencia Economica) and the Telecommunications Law (Ley Federal de Telecomunicaciones), if Cofeco makes a final finding of substantial market power concerning an operator, the Mexican Federal Communications Commission (Comision Federal de Telecomunicaciones or "Cofetel") can impose on that operator specific regulations with respect to tariffs, quality of service and information.
None of the Acquired Companies is in violation of, and has not since January 1, 2012 violated, and to the knowledge of the Company, is not under investigation with respect to and has not been threatened to be charged with or given notice of any violation of, any Applicable Law, including any Telecommunications Law, except for violations that are not and would not reasonably be expected to be, individually or in the aggregate, material to the Acquired Companies, taken as a whole.