Definition of Technical Transfer

Technical Transfer means the transfer by INEX and/or INEX's Third Party contractors to Hana, Hana's Third Party contractors and/or INEX's Third Party contractors of those aspects of the INEX Technology necessary and useful for the Manufacture of Material, and includes Method Transfer.

Examples of Technical Transfer in a sentence

The supply of New Formulation Licensed Product by Ipsen to Radius for use in phase II clinical trials will be managed under the terms agreed in Appendix D of the License Agreement dated September 27 2005 Clinical Supply and Technical Transfer Agreement BIM 44058 injection clinical supplies and technology transfer (hereinafter the Clinical Supply Agreement).
In 2005, the Company issued 10,000,000 series 1 preferred shares (the "Preferred Shares") to its CEO pursuant to the execution of the Technical Transfer Agreement (see note 1) in exchange for the rights to utilize the SFD(r) technology for hydrocarbon exploration.
Theravance shall pay to Hospira a technical transfer fee (Technical Transfer Fee) for its work under the Project in accordance with the payment schedule set forth in Exhibit 2.1.
The transfer of Technical Transfer Materials from ImmunoGen to Novartis in connection with Novartis Development of Licensed Products hereunder is addressed in the Multi-Target Agreement.
Buyer shall have reimbursed Seller for all out-of-pocket documented logistical costs and expenses incurred in good faith by Seller in connection with the Technical Transfer.