Dispatch Instruction definition

Dispatch Instruction has the meaning set forth in the CAISO Tariff.
Dispatch Instruction means an instruction given by the Company to the Service Provider in respect of the Providing Unit to change the output, fuel or manner of operation of the Providing Unit and “Instruct” and “Instructed” shall be construed accordingly;

Examples of Dispatch Instruction in a sentence

  • SDC1.4.2.2 CCGT Availability (a) The Availability of each CCGT Unit within each CCGT Installation; (b) In the case of a CCGT Installation, the CCGT Installation Matrix submitted by the Generator under PC.A4.3 of the Planning Code Appendix (as may be revised as therein provided is used and relied upon by the TSO as a ‘look up table’ to determine the number of CCGT Units within a CCGT Installation which will be synchronised to achieve the MW Output specified in a Dispatch Instruction.

  • Thereafter, the CDGU and/or Controllable WFPS shall be capable of maintaining Load to the level which would have been achieved if a Dispatch Instruction had been given to reduce the Load.

  • In achieving a Dispatch Instruction the range or number of CCGT Units envisaged in moving from one MW Output level to the other should not be departed from.

  • Users with CDGUs and/or Aggregated Generating Units, Controllable WFPS, Pumped Storage Plant Demand shall ensure that their units are able to be Synchronised, or in the case of Pumped Storage Plant Demand, used at the times Scheduled, but only if so Dispatched by the TSO by issue of a Dispatch Instruction.

  • When the length of the time required for Notice to Synchronise is within 30 minutes of causing the CDGU and/or Controllable WFPSs and/or Pumped Storage Plant Demand to be unable to meet the indicative Synchronising time in the Indicative Operations Schedule or a subsequent indicative Synchronising time and no Dispatch Instruction has been received, the Generator shall inform the TSO without delay.

More Definitions of Dispatch Instruction

Dispatch Instruction means an operating order that is issued by the ISO to a Participant pertaining to real time operations.
Dispatch Instruction has the meaning in the CAISO Tariff.
Dispatch Instruction means any instruction issued by Procurer through the concerned SLDC / RLDC to the Seller, in accordance with applicable Grid Code and this Agreement;
Dispatch Instruction has the meaning set forth in the CAISO Tariff that refers to an instruction by the CAISO for the Unit(s) to increase or decrease from a current operating level during Real-Time Market or any intra-day operations.
Dispatch Instruction means a physical operating instruction issued or deemed to be issued to a registered facility by the PSO in the real- time dispatch process;