Relevant Product definition

Relevant Product means a free gift, vouchers or reward points that will be received at a point in time;
Relevant Product. ’ means a blood product or a blood component used to treat persons with haemophilia or other blood clotting dis- orders in respect of those conditions;
Relevant Product means a product which is made exactly to a registered design, or with features that differ only in immaterial details from a registered design, by copying that design intentionally.

Examples of Relevant Product in a sentence

  • If the Relevant Product is an ongoing service plan and you terminate the Contract then you will also terminate this ongoing service plan.

  • If you have chosen to terminate this Contract before receiving a Relevant Product (which you would have been entitled to receive had you continued with your Contract), then you will receive either (1) the Relevant Product or (2) a compensation payment.

  • If you terminate this Contract, you are not required to pay back or return the Relevant Product which you have already received.

  • National regulatory authorities should define relevant geographic markets within their territory taking into utmost account the Commission Recommendation on Relevant Product and Service Markets adopted in accordance with this Directive and taking into account national and local circumstances.

  • Explanatory Note Accompanying document to the Commission Recommendation of 17 December 2007 on Relevant Product and Service Markets .

More Definitions of Relevant Product

Relevant Product means the Product; any product containing the same API as Customer’s Product, or any product developed or manufactured using the same API which competes in the same diagnostic class as the Product. For the avoidance of doubt, BVL shall not be prevented from manufacturing a product containing the same API which does not compete in the same diagnostic class as the Product.
Relevant Product means any product in liquid form.
Relevant Product means (i) any flexible-packaging rollstock used for chunk, sliced or shredded natural cheeses packaged for retail sale and (ii) any flexible-packaging shrink bags used for fresh meat (i.e. beef, veal, pork and lamb).
Relevant Product means an item of equipment, a protective system, a device or component, as the case may be, to which these Regulations apply.
Relevant Product means any good or service marketed or sold by the Respondent or any other person that facilitates or assists the purchaser’s compliance with federal regulations of the Department of Transportation and/or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
Relevant Product means a product that is closely connected with the relevant product market;
Relevant Product means: (i) personal current accounts; (ii) personal credit cards; (iii) business current accounts; (iv) business credit cards, (v) Mortgages; and (vi) SME Loans and corporate loans.