Medication assistance definition

Medication assistance means assistance rendered by a
Medication assistance means assistance with self-administration of medication rendered by a nonpractitioner to a client receiving cer­ tified community residential services and supports in accordance with chapter 69.41 RCW and chapter 246-888 WAC.

Examples of Medication assistance in a sentence

  • Medication assistance as permitted under RCW 69.41.085 and as described in RCW 69.41.010 and chapter 246-888 WAC.

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Medication assistance means to enable the person to self-administer medication or treatment when the person is capable of directing the person's own care, or when the person's legal representative is present and able to direct care for the person.
Medication assistance means assistance rendered by
Medication assistance means assistance rendered by a non-practitioner to an individual residing in a community-based care setting or in-home care setting to facilitate the individual's self- administration of a legend drug or controlled substance. It includes reminding or coaching the individual, handing the medication container to the individual, opening the individual's medication container, using an enabler, or placing the medication in the individual's hand, and such other means of medication assistance as defined by rule adopted by the department. A non-practitioner may help in the preparation of legend drugs or controlled substances for self-administration where a practitioner has determined and communicated orally or by written direction that such medication preparation assistance is necessary and appropriate. Medication assistance shall not include assistance with intravenous medications or injectable medications, except prefilled insulin syringes.
Medication assistance means providing verbal or visual reminders to take regularly scheduled medication, and includes any of the following supports listed in clauses (1) to (3) and other types of assistance, except that a support worker may not determine medication dose or time for medication or inject medications into veins, muscles, or skin:
Medication assistance means assistance with taking prescribed medication that is provided to a resident who recognizes the need to take the medication and who consents to the assistance provided, but does not include monitoring or coordination of the medical regime of that resident;