Deposit definition

Deposit means a deposit as defined in 12 U.S.C. Section 1813(l), including without limitation, outstanding cashier's checks and other official checks and all uncollected items included in the depositors' balances and credited on the books and records of the Failed Bank; provided, that the term "Deposit" shall not include all or any portion of those deposit balances which, in the discretion of the Receiver or the Corporation, (i) may be required to satisfy it for any liquidated or contingent liability of any depositor arising from an unauthorized or unlawful transaction, or (ii) may be needed to provide payment of any liability of any depositor to the Failed Bank or the Receiver, including the liability of any depositor as a director or officer of the Failed Bank, whether or not the amount of the liability is or can be determined as of Bank Closing.
Deposit means a sum of money deposited with the Competition as part of the requirements of membership of the Competition.
Deposit means any advance payment required by the Supplier in relation to the Hire Goods which is to be held as security by the Supplier;

Examples of Deposit in a sentence

Remit check or money order, made payableto the Superintendent of Documents, or charge to your GPO Deposit Account, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.

If the Principal/Owner has disqualified the Bidder(s) from the Tender process prior to the award of the Contract or terminated/determined the Contract or has accrued the right to terminate/determine the Contract according to Article 3(1), the Principal/Owner apart from exercising any legal rights that may have accrued to the Principal/Owner, may in its considered opinion forfeit the entire amount of Earnest Money Deposit, Performance Guarantee and Security Deposit of the Bidder/Contractor.

The EMD of the successful bidder shall be returned after the successful submission of Bank Guarantee/ Security Deposit and for unsuccessful bidder(s) it would be returned after award of the contract.

The Earnest Money Deposit (in pre-contract stage) and/or Security Deposit/Performance Bond (after the contract is signed) shall stand forfeited either fully or partially, as decided by the CORPORATION and the CORPORATION shall not be required to assign any reason therefore.

Recoveries, if any, on account of uncovered period of insurance (WC Policies), defective work, losses to CWC or any other liability not fulfilled by contractor etc., shall be effected from the contractor’s bill/any other due (s) amount (i.e. Final Bill, Security Deposit & Performance Bank Guarantee, etc,).

More Definitions of Deposit

Deposit means the amount set out and referred to as the deposit in the Acceptance Form (and that is separately set out in the Schedule of Fees);
Deposit means any deposit of money made by You or on Your behalf into an Account.
Deposit means a mineralized body which has been physically delineated by sufficient drilling, trenching, and/or underground work, and found to contain a sufficient average grade of metal or metals to warrant further exploration and/or development expenditures. Such a deposit does not qualify as mineral resources, a commercially mineable ore body or as containing mineral reserves until final legal, technical, and economic factors have been resolved.
Deposit means the money held by the Agent in a stakeholder capacity during the Tenancy in case the Tenant fails to comply with the Terms of the Tenancy Agreement.
Deposit means a sum of money received or paid on terms under which it shall be repaid with or without interest or premium and either on demand or at a time or in circumstances agreed by or on behalf of the person making the payment and the person receiving it
Deposit means the sum set out in the Schedule of Fees;
Deposit means an amount of money received by way of an advance or loan or in any other form, by any deposit taker with a promise to return whether after a specified period or otherwise, either in cash or in kind or in the form of a specified service, with or without any benefit in the form of interest, bonus, profit or in any other form, but does not include