Series A Bonds definition

Series A Bonds means the Series A Senior Secured Nuclear Asset-Recovery Bonds issued by the Issuer on June 22, 2016.
Series A Bonds means the series of New Bonds known as the Series A Bonds to be distributed to the Holders of Allowed Fuel Line Loan Claims, with the principal terms as described in Article XIX, and otherwise issued in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Plan, the Confirmation Order, and the New Master Indenture.
Series A Bonds means the Initial Series A Bonds and the New Series A Bonds.

Examples of Series A Bonds in a sentence

  • Any insurer providing such insurance must be rated at least “B+” by A.M. Best (and if any Series A Bonds are then rated by S&P, at least “BBB-” by S&P).

  • The Net Proceeds of such insurance, if any, shall be paid to the Trustee and deposited in the Series A Bonds Debt Service Fund, and shall be credited towards the payment of the Bonds as the same become due and payable.

  • The 2015 Series A Bonds maturing on or prior to June 1, 20 are not subject to optional redemption.

  • The purposes for which the Bonds are being issued are (i) to provide for the crediting of monies to the Bond Proceeds Account for the purpose of currently refunding the 2012 Series A Bonds previously issued by the Agency with respect to the Special Purpose Municipality, and (ii) to provide for any bond discount, including underwriter’s discount, and costs of issuance of the Bonds.

  • The principal and Redemption Price of and interest on the 2022 Series A Bonds will be payable at the corporate trust office of The Bank of New York Mellon, New York, New York, as Trustee.

More Definitions of Series A Bonds

Series A Bonds means the eight percent (8%) unsecured bonds of the Corporation issued previously by the Corporation. “Series B Bonds” means the eight percent (8%) unsecured bonds of the Corporation issued previously by the Corporation.
Series A Bonds means the Series A Senior Secured Energy Transition Bonds issued under the Indenture and the Series Supplement.
Series A Bonds means the Issuer's Pollution Control Revenue Bonds, Series A (Alabama Power Company Farley Plant Project), dated May 1, 1978, in the original aggregate pxxxxxxal amount of $1,650,000.
Series A Bonds means the System’s Senior Pension Funding Bonds, Series A, authorized by Article II of this Supplemental Resolution.
Series A Bonds means the 6% unsecured participating bonds of the Corporation having the terms and conditions described in Item 5.1: Terms of Securities.
Series A Bonds means the Landlord's Adjustable Rate Tender Securities Bonds (Carmike Cinemas, Inc.) 1997 Series A (consisting of a Series A-1, a Series A-2 and a Series A-3) in the aggregate principal amount of $59,775,000, to be issued by the Landlord pursuant to the Indenture.
Series A Bonds means the Series A Bonds of the Borrower purchased by Lucent pursuant to the Lucent Note Purchase Agreement.