Definition of Subordinated Notes

Subordinated Notes means Notes of a Subordinated Class of a Series.

Subordinated Notes means (a) the 10 5/8% Senior Subordinated Notes due 2011 of the US Borrower issued pursuant to the Subordinated Note Indenture and (b) any replacement or refinancing thereof having terms no more materially adverse to the interests of the Lenders than the terms thereof; provided, that any such amendment, replacement or refinancing shall bear a rate of interest determined by the Board of Directors of the US Borrower to be a market rate of interest at the date of such amendment, replacement or refinancing and have other terms customary for similar issuances under similar market conditions or otherwise be on terms reasonably acceptable to the Administrative Agent.

Subordinated Notes means the Borrower’s Zero Coupon Convertible Subordinated Notes due 2021, in an aggregate principal amount at maturity of $164,055,000, and any other Indebtedness subordinated to the Obligations that refinances all or any portion of such notes or for which all or any portion of such notes are exchanged.

Examples of Subordinated Notes in a sentence

It has such knowledge and experience in financial and business matters that it is capable of evaluating the merits and risks of the prospective investment in the Subordinated Notes.
No party, in entering into this Agreement, has relied upon any representation, warranty, covenant, condition or other term that is not set forth in this Agreement or in the Subordinated Notes.
It recognizes that an investment in the Subordinated Notes involves substantial risk.
It has relied solely upon its own knowledge of, and/or the advice of its own legal, financial or other advisors with regard to, the legal, financial, tax and other considerations involved in deciding to invest in the Subordinated Notes.
Form S-3 (No. 333-148137) registering 3.50% Convertible Subordinated Notes Due 2015, 3.50% Convertible Subordinated Notes Due 2017 and shares of common stock issuable upon conversion of the notes.

More definitions of Subordinated Notes

Subordinated Notes means any class (or sub-class) of Notes issued under the Indenture in such form as shall be authorized by a Resolution and set forth in any indenture supplemental to the Indenture in respect thereof pursuant to Section 2.16 of the Indenture and any Refinancing Notes issued to refinance the foregoing.

Subordinated Notes means, collectively, the Class 10A Subordinated Notes, Class 10B Subordinated Notes and Class 10C Subordinated Notes.

Subordinated Notes means the subordinated notes of the Company that may be issued to the Property Trustee as provided in Section 2.7(c).

Subordinated Notes means the 7 3/ 8% senior subordinated notes due 2017 issued by the Borrower pursuant to the Subordinated Notes Indenture in an aggregate principal amount of $425,000,000 on or prior to the Closing Date, as in effect on the Closing Date and, thereafter, as amended, supplemented, amended and restated or otherwise modified in accordance with Section 8.11, and any registered exchange notes issued in exchange therefor.

Subordinated Notes means the 13-5/8%/12% Subordinated Toggle Notes due 2013 issued pursuant to the Indenture dated as of , 2007 among the Company, as issuer and the Trustee, as trustee.]4

Subordinated Notes means, collectively, any promissory notes evidencing Subordinated Debt, as such notes or instruments may be amended, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time in accordance with Section 8.11.

Subordinated Notes means any issuance of Notes under the Indenture by the Co-Issuers that are part of a Class with an alphanumerical designation that contains any letter from “M” through “Z” of the alphabet.