Subordinated Notes definition

Subordinated Notes shall have the meaning set forth in the preamble to this Agreement.
Subordinated Notes means the Initial Notes and the Exchange Notes and, more particularly, any Subordinated Note authenticated and delivered under this Indenture, including those Subordinated Notes issued or authenticated upon transfer, replacement or exchange.
Subordinated Notes means Notes of a Subordinated Class of a Series.

Examples of Subordinated Notes in a sentence

If so specified in the Final Terms, the Notes may be redeemed early at the option of the Issuer, provided that Subordinated Notes may as a general rule and subject to certain other exceptions (see below) only be redeemed by the Issuer after five years following the Issue Date of the last Tranche of a Series of Subordinated Notes.

The Issuer may be expected to redeem the Notes when its cost of borrowing is lower than the interest rate on the Notes, subject to meeting relevant conditions in the case of Subordinated Notes, Senior Non-Preferred Notes or Senior Preferred Notes (where “Senior Preferred Notes Restricted Terms” is specified as applicable in the relevant Final Terms).

The redemption of the Subordinated Notes upon the occurrence of a Capital Disqualification Event, or the (perceived) prospect of such redemption, could have a material adverse effect on the value of the Subordinated Notes.

At the date of this Base Prospectus, the Senior Preferred Notes with a maturity of one year or more are expected to be rated A-, the Senior Non-Preferred Notes are expected to be rated BBB, and the Subordinated Notes are expected to be rated BBB-, in each case by Standard & Poor’s.

In addition, the Company paid off the outstanding 14% Senior Subordinated Notes due 2017 and interest of approximately $53.2 million, plus a prepayment call penalty of another $1.0 million.

More Definitions of Subordinated Notes

Subordinated Notes means Notes of a subordinated class of a series.
Subordinated Notes means any issuance of Notes under the Indenture by the Issuer that are part of a Class with an alphanumerical designation that contains any letter from “M” through “Z” of the alphabet.
Subordinated Notes means Notes specified in the applicable Pricing Supplement as subordinated notes, which are either Dated Subordinated Notes or Undated Subordinated Notes (including the Subordinated Guaranteed Notes);
Subordinated Notes. The subordinated notes issued pursuant to this Indenture and having the characteristics specified in Section 2.3.
Subordinated Notes means the Borrower’s Zero Coupon Convertible Subordinated Notes due 2021, in an aggregate principal amount at maturity of $164,055,000, and any other Indebtedness subordinated to the Obligations that refinances all or any portion of such notes or for which all or any portion of such notes are exchanged.
Subordinated Notes means the Notes (i) specified as such in the relevant Final Terms or Pricing Supplement and (ii) having the status set out in Condition 5.2 (Status – Subordinated Notes);