Sponsoring organization definition

Sponsoring organization means any organization that establishes,

Examples of Sponsoring organization in a sentence

  • The State agency may deny reimbursement for meals served to attending children in excess of authorized capacity.(p) Sponsoring organization agreement.

  • Sponsoring organization, and signature authority who authorized the submittal into JCIDS.

  • Sponsoring organization agrees to grant MAA royalty-free license to the use of their logo to promote the event and for a period of 12 months following the event or publication date in any promotional materials for similar events and/or on MAA website.

  • Legal Name of Transfer Payment Recipient: Enter Legal name of Sponsoring organization to be named in the Notice of the Transfer payment Agreement Executive Contact at Sponsoring Organization to be named in the Notice of the Funding Agreement.

  • Any grievance which has not been finally settled or disposed of in accordance with the steps of the Grievance Procedure outlined above may be submitted to Arbitration within ten (10) calendar days of receipt of the Third Step reply by either Party.

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Sponsoring organization means a cultural organization which:
Sponsoring organization means a public institu- tion, agency or governmental entity, or a chartered private nonprofit institution or organization which has legal authority to submit an application, enter into a contract, and provide the programs of service covered by the application, and which agrees to provide supervision and financial management to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of the con- tract.
Sponsoring organization means an individual or entity that meets the standards specified by the Board for administering the peer review. The Board shall periodically publish a list of sponsoring organizations, which have been approved by the Board.
Sponsoring organization means any organization that establishes, administers or contributes financial support to the administration of, or that has common or overlapping membership or officers with, a political committee other than a candidate's campaign committee.
Sponsoring organization means a person who guarantees the uncovered expenses of a health maintenance organization and who is financially capable, as determined by the commissioner, of meeting the obligations resulting from that guarantee.
Sponsoring organization means the corporation, partnership, association, proprietorship or any parent, subsidiary or affiliate thereof, which employs the Cardmember and participates in the American Express Card program offered by American Express.
Sponsoring organization means a public or nonprofit private organization which is entirely responsible for the administration of the food program in: (a) One or more day care homes; (b) a child care center, outside- school-hours care centers, or adult day care center which is a legally distinct entity from the sponsoring organization; (c) two or more child care centers, outside-school-hours care centers, or adult day care centers; or (d) any combination of child care centers, adult day care centers, day care homes, and outside- school-hours centers. The term “sponsoring organization” also includes a for-profit organization which is entirely responsible for administration of the Program in any combination of two or more child care centers, adult day care centers, and outside-school-hours centers which are part of the same legal entity as the sponsoring organization, and which are proprietary title XIX or XX centers.