Member organization definition

Member organization means any individual, corporation, limited liability company, partnership, or association that belongs to an association.
Member organization means a person that belongs to an association.
Member organization means the United Nations and any specialized agency or other organization admitted to membership in the Fund in accordance with article 3.

Examples of Member organization in a sentence

  • If significant Nontraditional Defense Contractor participation cannot be fulfilled, the Member Organization must provide at least one third cost share of the value of the Project Agreement awarded to the Member Organization.

  • Each MCDC Member Organization must meet the definition of a Nontraditional Defense Contractor or have at least one Nontraditional Defense Contractor participating to a significant extent in the performance of an awarded Project Agreement.

  • Each out-of-district SSA Member Organization, participating in the SYSI league will put forth a bond of $500 per organization at the start of each season.

  • It is identified with an SSCC.See the appropriate GS1 General Specifications sections for further detail or contact your local GS1 Member Organization for assistance.Note: Identification and marking of Primary Packaging and Logistic Units is out-of-scope for this WHO recommendation.

  • All players belonging to an outside SSA Member Organization within 100km radius of Saskatoon who wish to play outside of their designated home zone will need to supply the PTPOZ Form to the SYSI office as per sections 7.3 and 7.4.

More Definitions of Member organization

Member organization means any individual, corporation,
Member organization means one of the nine Organizations Eligible to Send Representatives as specified in Appendix A attached hereto as a part of these Bylaws (“Appendix A”).
Member organization means any individual, corporation, partnership, association, or other entity that belongs to an association.
Member organization means an association of seniors which is non-discriminatory in relation to race, religion, sex, physical or mental abilities and which has been incorporated for at least two (2) years for the purpose of supporting and advancing the common interests of seniors.
Member organization means an individual, corporation,
Member organization means any individual,
Member organization means any organization that becomes a member of FRIAA in accordance with the bylaws of FRIAA;