Review organization definition

Review organization means a disability insurer regulated
Review organization means a disability insurer
Review organization means a disability insurer regulated under chapter 48.20 or 48.21 RCW, health care service contractor as defined in RCW 48.44.010, or health maintenance organization as defined in RCW 48.46.020, and entities affiliated with, under contract with, or acting on behalf of a health carrier to perform a utilization review.

Examples of Review organization in a sentence

  • The Appeals Coordinator or an External Review organization shall render its independent evaluation so as to comply with and achieve the intended purpose of the Primary Coverage Criteria and other provisions of this Plan.

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Review organization means any committee engaging in peer review, including a hospital utilization review committee, a hospital tissue committee, a health insurance review committee, a hospital plan corporation review committee, a professional health service plan review committee, a dental review committee, a physicians' advisory committee, a veterinary review committee, a nursing advisory committee, any committee established pursuant to the medical assistance program, and any committee established by one or more State or local professional societies, to gather and review information relating to the care and treatment of patients for the purposes of (i) evaluating and improving the quality of health care rendered; (ii) reducing morbidity or mortality; or (iii) establishing and enforcing guidelines designed to keep within reasonable bounds the cost of health care. It shall also mean any hospital board, committee or individual reviewing the professional qualifications or activities of its medical staff or applicants for admission thereto. It shall also mean a committee of an association of professional health care providers reviewing the operation of hospitals, nursing homes, convalescent homes or other health care facilities.
Review organization means either the MEC or the Board, respectively, depending on the organization that proposed the action that is the subject of a hearing under this Article.
Review organization means any committee or organization engaging in peer review or
Review organization means an entity performing utilization
Review organization means an entity which provides the Utilization Review services described in this Agreement. It applies to the Managed Care Services Department, as well as to other entities who may perform review activities on behalf of .