Sponsoring agency definition

Sponsoring agency means the host agency or another agency that assists the host agency and that joins in an application with a host agency for an emergency housing facility permit and assumes responsibility for providing basic services and support to emergency housing facility residents, such as hot meals, social services, sanitation, hygiene, storage of belongings, trash and refuse collection, and coordination of other needed donations and social services which may include mental health and drug addiction treatment.
Sponsoring agency means a sheltered workshop, govern- mental agency or a nonprofit charitable organization or institution carrying out an occupational rehabilitating activity of an educa- tional or therapeutic nature.
Sponsoring agency means a child welfare agency licensed to place children in group homes, a county agency speci- fied in s. 48.56 (1), Stats., or the department; which enters into a written contract with the licensee.

Examples of Sponsoring agency in a sentence

SIF shall be entitled to charge a fee to the Sponsoring Agency (to be included in the cost of the Subproject) consisting of: (a) an up-front fee not to exceed two percent of the Subproject grant amount, and (b) a semi-annual processing fee equal to no more than three percent of actual grant disbursements for the relevent six- month period.

When presenting a Subproject to the Association for approval, SIF shall furnish to the Association an application, in a form satisfactory to the Association, together with: (i) a description of the Sponsoring Agency and an appraisal of the Subproject, including procurement procedures and a description of the expenditures to be financed out of the proceeds of the Credit; and (ii) such other information as the Association shall reasonably request.

The first request by SIF to make withdrawals from the Credit Account in respect of each Subproject which is not subject to prior approval by the Association shall contain a summary description of the Subproject and the Sponsoring Agency, including procurement procedures and a description of the expenditures proposed to be financed out of the proceeds of the Credit.

Proposals for Subprojects shall identify the type of Subproject, describe the works, goods or services to be financed and identify the Sponsoring Agency and the Beneficiaries.

More Definitions of Sponsoring agency

Sponsoring agency means a multipurpose or umbrella organization of a grantee.
Sponsoring agency means the organization or institution of which the nursing program is a component.
Sponsoring agency means any federal agency or agencies supporting the research at issue, including federal agencies to which the Respondent(s) have applied seeking support. (Non-federal research sponsors will be provided access to committee reports and institutional findings as provided under the applicable sponsored research agreement).
Sponsoring agency means the governing body of a municipality or fire district.
Sponsoring agency means the state or county department or agency which requested and has been approved to sponsor a work project for the GA recipients.
Sponsoring agency means an agency that recommends access to or possession of classified information by SLTPS personnel.
Sponsoring agency means an organization that joins in an application with a Host Agency for a Transitory Accommodation Approval and assumes responsibility for providing basic services and support to transitory accommodation residents. A “Sponsoring Agency” may be the same entity as a Host Agency.