Solutions definition

Solutions means Products and Services provided under this “CPE Products & Services; Professional ServicesSection.
Solutions means Altisource Solutions S.à x.x., a private limited liability company organized under the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and a wholly-owned subsidiary of ALTISOURCE.

Examples of Solutions in a sentence

  • With reference to the discussions we had with you, we, on behalf of Accenture Solutions Pvt Ltd, are pleased to offer you the position of ‘Software Engineer’ and invite you to join Accenture Solutions Pvt Ltd family.

  • Scenario 3: Solutions apart – Local is BeautifulToday’s understanding of progress is transformed into a human-centred rationale, where happiness and quality of life are operationalized into new measures of progress.

  • Again, congratulations and welcome to the Accenture Solutions Pvt Ltd family.Thanking You.

  • Presented by all researchers as a pre-conference workshop at the 5th Active Living Research Annual Conference: Connecting Active Living Research to Policy Solutions.

  • Please visit any of the City’s libraries for more information.Presentations/Information Updates• Arizona Public Service (APS) Peak Solutions RebatePresenter(s): Brian Biesemeyer, Water Resources Executive Director and Patricia McLaughlin, Arizona Public Service– Water Resources Executive Director Brian Biesemeyer gave the presentation.

More Definitions of Solutions

Solutions means the SaaS Solutions and/or Licensed Solutions for which Customer is purchasing an access right or a License (as applicable) pursuant to this Agreement and the corresponding Order.
Solutions means Williams Communications Solutions, LLC, a Delaware corporation, and xxx xxxxessors and assigns.
Solutions means the particular Veracode’s security related solution(s) to be provided by Veracode to Customer as described in an Order Form (including in the case of any Solution provided on a software as a service basis, the Veracode Solution Platform and any Veracode provided content provided as a part thereof); any software incidental to the Customer’s use of Solutions which is provided by Veracode to Customer to be installed at a customer site (“On-site Software”), including agents, APIs, virtual appliances and e-Learning content and other course content; any Solution documentation provided by Veracode in connection therewith (“Documentation”); and any updates to the particular Solution made available by Veracode as part of such Solution from time to time, in its sole discretion. As used herein, the term Solution specifically excludes all Applications. “Solution Output” shall mean the following: (i) “Report(s)” meaning any report (or any portion of a report) accessible through Veracode’s Solution Platform (or provided by such other means as mutually agreed by the parties), that provides the results of an Assessment either relating to (a) a Customer Application (“Customer Report(s)”) or (b) a Third Party Application (“Third Party Report(s)”); and/or (ii) “Document Output” meaning any type of document or report, other than a Report, to be provided or made available by Veracode, through the Solution Platform or otherwise, as described in an Order Form. “Solution Platform” shall mean any Veracode owned or licensed software, data, information, content or systems which form a part of the platform owned or controlled by Veracode which is used by Veracode to provide automated software as a service Solutions. The Solution Platform specifically excludes all Applications. “Term” shall have the meaning set forth in Section 9 hereof. “Third Party” shall mean a third party software provider that owns a Customer Application or Third Party Application to be Assessed by Veracode and with respect to which Customer has the right to access the Report resulting from such Assessment as expressly described herein. As used herein, Third Party shall include, but not be limited to, other Veracode customers who elect to publish results of an Assessment of their own Application to Customer via the Solution Platform. “Users” shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.1.1 hereof. “Veracode Property” shall mean any technical information, e-Learning or other course content, techniques, idea...
Solutions means hardware, software, software-as-a-service, Services, or hosting services provided to Dell (or a Dell customer) by Provider pursuant to the Agreement.