Solutions definition

Solutions means Altisource Solutions S.à r.l., a private limited liability company organized under the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and a wholly-owned subsidiary of ALTISOURCE.
Solutions means Products and Services provided under this “CPE Products & Services; Professional ServicesSection.

Examples of Solutions in a sentence

All messages will be in the standard Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) EMI record format.

GAIL is already registered on the following TReDS platform:  M/s Receivable Exchange of India (RXIL), Mumbai  M/s Mynd Solutions Private Limited (Mynd), New Delhi  M/s A.

Should I/we do fail to execute the contract when called upon to do so, I/we hereby agree that this sum shall be forfeited by me/us to SBI Infra Management Solutions Pvt.

The structure advocated by removes the artificial barriers to entry that exist today as a result of the monopolistic control over the domain name registration market exerted by Network Solutions, Inc.

I have reviewed this quarterly report on Form 10-Q of Innovative Solutions and Support, Inc.

More Definitions of Solutions

Solutions means Products, Services and combinations of Products and Services.
Solutions means Subscriptions and Services collectively.
Solutions means a Workaround or a Patch provided by QUMU Customer Support to resolve an issue with the QUMU Cloud Platform.
Solutions means structures of Collaboration Target *** to support structure based drug design which satisfies Criteria 3 of Section 5 and/or Criteria 4 of Section 7 of the Research Plan as of the Effective Date and information related thereto.
Solutions means Cre8tive developed software solutions such as the Cre8tive A&D Solution placed in the Epicor Multi-Tenant Cloud offering or sold separately and integrated into Customer’s Epicor platform.