Responsible Authority definition

Responsible Authority means any ministry, any minister, any organ of State, any official in the public administration or any other Governmental or regulatory department, commission, institution, entity, service utility, board, agency or authority (in each case, whether National, Provincial or Municipal) or any court, each having jurisdiction over the matter in question, but excluding for all purposes the Nama Khoi Municipality;
Responsible Authority means any of the following: -
Responsible Authority means [designate title and actual name of individual].

Examples of Responsible Authority in a sentence

  • If the Responsible Authority agrees to the delay, the extension will take effect with a written amendment to the agreement signed by the Responsible Authority and the contractor.

  • The Responsible Authority has the responsibility to compensate the Contractor for damages to the Contractor’s equipments to the extent that it is related to the faulty actions or projects of the Responsible Authority unless the latter had obvious errors that could have been easily ascertained by the contractor.

  • The Responsible Authority and the contractor shall keep the minutes of the entry date.

  • A bid submitted with an adjustable price not compliant with this paragraph shall be rejected by the Responsible Authority as inadmissible.

  • The Contractor shall not be liable for any errors in the design, data, plan and other aspects of the technical specifications provided by the Responsible Authority, unless the error was so obvious that the contractor should have noticed and advertised it to the Responsible Authority.

More Definitions of Responsible Authority

Responsible Authority means, in relation to
Responsible Authority means any of the following:
Responsible Authority means the local government responsible for the enforcement of the observance of a scheme, or for the execution of any works which under a scheme, or this Act, are to be executed by a local government;
Responsible Authority. ’, for a financial sector law, means the responsible authority for the financial sector law as defined in section 5;