the Authority definition

the Authority means a billing authority in relation to whose area this scheme has effect by virtue of paragraph 4(6) of Schedule 1A to the 1992 Act;
the Authority means the body corporate previously known as the Financial Services Authority and renamed on 1 April 2013 as the Financial Conduct Authority;
the Authority means the Financial Conduct Authority;

Examples of the Authority in a sentence

  • For the avoidance of doubt, it is agreed that any reasonable expenses incurred by the Contractor hereunder shall be reimbursed by the Authority.

  • For the avoidance of doubt, the Parties expressly agree that the Damages specified hereunder and the Time Extension specified in Clause 10.5 shall be restricted only to failure of the Authority to provide the Right of Way for and in respect of the “Construction Zone” which shall comprise the followingcomponents: □ Main incarriageway □ Median (for 4 lane carriageway ormore) □ Paved and earthenshoulders □ Area for Structures includingROBs/RUBs. □ Safety measures including Roadside Drains andFurniture.

  • The Authority's Engineer is appointed to assist the Authority for carrying out the functions as detailed under clause 18.2. As such, an officer of the Authority is vested with all such powers and responsibilities as are enjoined upon the Authority's Engineer and is fully competent to issue any instructions for proper monitoring and supervision of the project, either by himself or through the Authority's Engineer.

  • Works (i) In the event the Parties are unable to agree to the proposed Change of Scope Orders in accordance with Clause 13.2, the Authority may, after giving notice to the Contractor and considering its reply thereto, award such Works or services to any person or agency on the basis of open competitive bidding.

  • In the event of any delay in re-opening such lanes or in the event of emergency decommissioning and closure to traffic of the whole or any part of the Project Highway due to failure of the Contractor, the Contractor shall pay damages to the Authority at double the above rate, without prejudice the rights of the Authority under this Agreement including Terminationthereof.

More Definitions of the Authority

the Authority means the Financial Services Authority;
the Authority means the Gas and Electricity Markets Authority established under section 1 of the Utilities Act 2000;
the Authority means the Gas and Electricity Markets Authority;
the Authority means the Pensions Regulator;”, and
the Authority means, in relation to a State, the authority or authorities of the State that has or have the administration of the Scheme on behalf of the State and, in a case where there are more than one authority, refers, where the context requires reference to one authority, to the relevant authority of the state;
the Authority means the organization purchasing the Goods under this Contract.
the Authority means the London Borough of Haringey by virtue of paragraph 4(6) of Schedule 1A to the 1992 Act;