Series 2017C Bonds definition

Series 2017C Bonds means the Issuer’s Taxable Health Care and Independent Living Facilities Revenue Bonds, Series 2017C (Eliza Jennings Senior Care Network Project).
Series 2017C Bonds means the General Obligation Transportation Sales Tax Refunding Bonds, Series 2017C of the County authorised to be issued hereunder in the aggregate principal amount of not to exceed $117,000,000.
Series 2017C Bonds or "Bonds" means the General Revenue Pledge Bonds of the University issued pursuant to the Series 2017C Resolutions.

Examples of Series 2017C Bonds in a sentence

  • The Series 2017C Bonds are hereby authorized to be issued in an aggregate principal amount of $171,040,000.

  • Pursuant to such agreement, no Underwriter (as defined below) has offered or sold any Maturity of the Hold-the-Offering-Price Maturities at a price that is higher than the respective Initial Offering Price for that Maturity of the Series 2017C Bonds during the Holding Period.

  • The Series 2017C Bonds shall be payable at the designated corporate trust office of the Trustee.

  • The Series 2017C Bonds shall be subject to redemption prior to maturity as provided in this Section 2.11.

  • A copy of the pricing wire or equivalent communication for the Series 2017C Bonds is attached to this certificate as Schedule B.

More Definitions of Series 2017C Bonds

Series 2017C Bonds means the Regents of New Mexico State University Refunding Revenue Bonds, Series 2017C (Crossover Refunding).
Series 2017C Bonds means the Authority's principal amount of $312,840,000 of Oklahoma Turnpike System Second Senior Revenue Bonds, Series 2017C, executed, authenticated and issued under this Fourteenth Supplemental Trust Agreement.
Series 2017C Bonds means the City of Pearland, Texas, Water and Sewer System Revenue and Refunding Bonds, Series 2017C, authorized by this Ordinance.
Series 2017C Bonds means the Corporation’s $171,040,000 Sales Tax Securitization Bonds, Taxable Series 2017C, initially dated their date of delivery, including any Bonds issued in exchange or replacement therefor.
Series 2017C Bonds means the County’s Half-Cent Sales Tax Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2017C authorized under this Resolution.
Series 2017C Bonds means the State of Texas Water Financial Assistance Bonds, Taxable Series 2017C, authorized to be issued in accordance with the terms of this Resolution and the terms and conditions set forth in the Approval Certificate relating thereto.