Refunded Bonds definition

Refunded Bonds means the portion of the $2,348,000 of the Series B Bonds now outstanding that are stated to mature on December 1 in each of the years 2021 and 2022 that is to be refunded by the Bonds, as determined by the Fiscal Officer and specified in the Certificate of Award at the time of the sale of the Bonds in accordance with Section 2, and may include all of those Original Bonds.
Refunded Bonds means those certain Prior Bonds being refunded by the Bonds.
Refunded Bonds means all or a portion of the Refunding Candidates selected by the Designated Representative to be refunded with proceeds of a Series of the Bonds and included in a Refunding Plan.

Examples of Refunded Bonds in a sentence

  • Such moneys in the Escrow Fund, will be sufficient to pay the redemption price of the Refunded Bonds, as shown in the Escrow Fund Cash Flow set forth in Schedule C hereto.

  • All securities, investments and moneys in the Escrow Fund are hereby irrevocably pledged, subject to the provisions of Section 2 hereof, to secure the payment of the Refunded Bonds.

More Definitions of Refunded Bonds

Refunded Bonds means obligations of a Prior Issue the Debt Service on which is or is to be paid from Proceeds of a Refunding Issue.
Refunded Bonds means the obligations of the City designated as such in the Pricing Certificate from the list of Refunded Bond Candidates described in Schedule I attached hereto.
Refunded Bonds means certain outstanding state-supported debt previously issued by the Authority and/or other authorized issuers.
Refunded Bonds means the maturities or portions of maturities of the Outstanding Bonds designated by the County Mayor pursuant to Section 8 hereof;
Refunded Bonds means the callable maturities of the Issuer's outstanding Limited Tax Revenue Bonds, Series 2010, dated December 1, 2010, consisting of those Series 2010 Bonds maturing March 1, 2021 to March 1, 2030, inclusive, which are being refunded by the Bonds, as more fully described in Exhibit A hereto.
Refunded Bonds means the bonds of the series and maturities designated as the “Refunded Bonds” pursuant to Section 2.03(q) hereof.