Seasonal Sales definition

Seasonal Sales means those amounts identified by the Seller or Servicer on the periodic Information Packages as invoices related to specific seasonal shipments.
Seasonal Sales means sales of the Product during influenza season, excluding purchases and stockpiling by governmental or regulatory authorities and Third Parties for pandemic planning.”
Seasonal Sales means the sale of plant materials, and nothing else. Christmas tree sales between November 1 and December 30 of each year are specifically approved herein. “Outdoor display and sales” means the sale of live plants, sod, soil, mulch, grills, outdoor living merchandise and yard equipment. “Outdoor storage” means the storage of products, large rental equipment and rental vehicles. “Large Equipment Rental” means Large Equipment for rental and is defined as equipment that can generically be used on a construction site, and can include but not limited to the following;

Examples of Seasonal Sales in a sentence

  • Refer to Section XI-10-13.11(D), Temporary Seasonal Sales, of this Chapter.

  • There shall be no sale of any goods or services outside of an enclosed building except by a special use permit, planned development approval, or Seasonal Sales Permit, granted by the Village.

  • Staff Comment: This standard is the same in the Temporary Seasonal Sales Uses section of the zoning code.

  • Seasonal Sales only shall be allowed per the City of Huntington Beach Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance Section 230.86.

  • Seasonal Sales are subject to the provisions of LDC Section 5.02.02 and a temporary use permit is required according to the procedures set forth in Chapter 11.

  • Jane Vaughan, “Josephine County Sends Seasonal Sales Tax Proposal to Voters,” OPB, August 11, 2022,

  • The appeal shall be heard by the Board of Adjustment at a public meeting within thirty (30) days of the date which the applicant’s notice to appeal is submitted.PROJECT NARRATIVEGUIDELINES The project narrative is requested to provide the staff with the information necessary to fully evaluate the proposed Seasonal Sales use and to ensure the use complies with all applicable Codes & Ordinances.

  • Signs approved with a Special Event Permit, Seasonal Sales or Temporary Vendor Permit.

  • Signs classified as sales and/or marketing shall include, but not be limited to, those for Grand Openings, Promotionals, Seasonal Sales, Liquidations, Change in Ownership/Management, Going out of Business.

  • Temporary Uses and Structures, Including Seasonal Markets: See Outdoor Seasonal Sales.

More Definitions of Seasonal Sales

Seasonal Sales means the sale of plant materials, and nothing else. Christmas tree sales between November 1 and December 30 of each year are specifically approved herein.

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  • Seasonal means the seasonal Rate Type attributed to a Subscribed Transmission Service as set out in Subscription & Allocation of Services (ACT – attachment B).

  • Gross Sales means the sum total of all retail sales of tangible personal property or services as

  • Service Volume means a measure of Services for which a Performance Target is set;

  • Finished Goods means completed goods which require no additional processing or manufacturing to be sold to third party customers by the Loan Parties in the ordinary course of business.

  • Retail sales As defined in the definition of Net Revenue.

  • seasonal worker means a worker who has been paid wages by a seasonal employer for work performed only during the normal seasonal work period.

  • Net Sales Revenue shall have the meaning as set out in Schedule "A"

  • Sales Revenue means receipts from the sale, lease, or rental of goods, services, or property;

  • Production Purposes means using the Software (a) in a production environment, (b) generally using live data and/or applications for a purpose other than Development Purposes, (c) for multi-user prototyping, quality assurance and testing and/or (d) for backup instances.

  • Net Sales means [***].

  • own-source revenue means adjusted underlying revenue other than revenue that is not under the control of council (including government grants)

  • Recurring Revenue With respect to any Recurring Revenue Loan, the meaning of “Recurring Revenue” or any comparable definition in the related Underlying Instruments relating to recurring maintenance or support revenues, subscription revenues, and recurring revenues attributable to software licensed or sold (excluding one-time license revenues) in the Underlying Instruments for such Loan.

  • Season means the period of time between an AGM and the subsequent AGM.

  • Daily Contract Quantity or “DCQ” means the quantity of Gas as set out in Clause 4.1 herein.

  • Annual Net Sales means, with respect to any Calendar Year, the aggregate amount of the Net Sales for such Calendar Year.

  • Household goods means personal effects and property used or to be used in a dwelling when a part of the equipment or supply of that dwelling. Household goods do not include property moving from a factory or store, unless the property was purchased by the householder with intent to use the property in his or her dwelling, the property is transported at the request of the householder, and the householder pays the carrier's transportation charges either directly or indirectly.

  • Aerosol cooking spray means any aerosol product designed either to reduce sticking on cooking and baking surfaces or to be applied on food, or both.

  • Seasonal high water table means the highest zone of soil or rock that is seasonally or permanently saturated by a perched or shallow water table. A planar surface, below which all pores in rock or soil (whether primary or secondary) that is seasonally or permanently saturated.

  • Retail Price Index means the general index of retail prices published by the Office for National Statistics each month in respect of all items or:

  • Disposable earnings means that part of the earnings of an

  • Gross Revenue means:

  • Short-barreled rifle means a rifle having one or more barrels less than sixteen inches in length and any weapon made from a rifle by any means of modification if such modified weapon has an overall length of less than twenty-six inches.

  • Supply Period means for a Supply Point, the period beginning on the Start Date and ending on the Termination Date;

  • System Revenues means all rates, rents, fees, charges,

  • Gross receipts means the total revenue derived from sales, work done, or service rendered.

  • Video lottery terminal sales agent means a lottery sales agent licensed under Chapter 3770. of the ORC to conduct video lottery terminals on behalf of the state pursuant to Section 3770.21 of the ORC.