Seasonal definition

Seasonal means the seasonal Rate Type attributed to a Subscribed Transmission Service as set out in Subscription & Allocation of Services (ACT – attachment B).
Seasonal in Rule 2.2.7(F) means a camp or program that either (a) does not operate for more than seven months in a year, or (b) during the preceding calendar year had average receipts for any six months of not more than one-third (⅓) of its average receipts for the other six months.
Seasonal means an Employee who performs duties interrupted by seasons and who may be recalled. Seasonal status is used when the Employee is expected to work six (6) months or more in a “Regular” position that is re-hired roughly the same time every year.

Examples of Seasonal in a sentence

  • Seasonal Permits Purchaser shall obtain written permits from Forest Service before allowing welding, warming fires or burning, subject to C7.22# – Emergency Precautions.

  • Ecography, 33, 607–611.Weiss, J.L., Gutzler, D.S., Allred Coonrod, J.E. & Dahm,C.N. (2004) Seasonal and inter-annual relationships between vegetation and climate in central New Mexico, USA.

  • Seasonal employees are entitled to use vacation credits (or to have them paid upon separation) when the seasonal employee has completed a combination of seasonal periods totaling six (6) full calendar months (a minimum of 1,040 hours).

  • Seasonal employees who work a combination of seasons which involve work in any portion of any eight (8) months of a calendar year shall be permitted one (1) full week of vacation consistent with the provisions for a full-time permanent employee.

  • Seasonal and part-time spray workers must be trained before the start of the spraying season.

More Definitions of Seasonal

Seasonal means an operation which is closed five (5) or more consecutive months of the year or more.
Seasonal or "Part-Year" Staff Members Definitions
Seasonal is defined as a period not to exceed four and one-half consecutive months or 18 weeks.
Seasonal or "part-year" staff members, are staff members appointed as such on a continuing or fixed term basis to work one or more periods or seasons in each year (which may be a calendar year), as identified by the University consistent with, or as subsequently varied by agreement with the seasonal or part-year staff member.
Seasonal means a period not to exceed four consecutive months (16weeks).
Seasonal means employment where work periods recur annually and are of a duration less than twelve (12) months. Note: two (2) or more work periods may occur in the same calendar year.
Seasonal means an employee serving in a reoccurring position with a specified function which is funded for part of the fiscal year; eligible for holiday pay but ineligible for all other benefits.