Live plants definition

Live plants means living cannabis flowers and plants, including seeds, immature plants, and vegetative stage plants.
Live plants means living cannabis flowers and plants, including seeds, immature plants, and vegetative stage plants. (ac) “Local jurisdiction” means a city, county, or city and county.
Live plants means living Adult-Use Cannabis flowers and plants, including seeds, sprouts, immature plants (including unrooted clones), and vegetative stage plants.

Examples of Live plants in a sentence

  • Live plants, rooted and/or unrooted, are commonly used in many plantings.

More Definitions of Live plants

Live plants means the same as Section 19300.5 of the MMRSA.
Live plants means living cannabis flowers and plants including seeds, immature plants,
Live plants means living medical cannabis flowers, whole plants, mature plants, seeds, immature plants, and vegetative stage plants, and shall have the same meaning as set forth in Business & Professions Code

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