Definition of Samsung Deliverables

Samsung Deliverables shall mean any information and materials supplied and/or licensed to IXYS by Samsung, to be utilized by IXYS in the development of or otherwise incorporated into the Product hereunder, including, without limitation, relevant documentations, software, schematics, netlists, microcode, designs, processes, libraries, cells, and/or design kits, including those set forth in SOW.
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Examples of Samsung Deliverables in a sentence

IXYS shall not use Samsung Deliverables to design, fabricate, test or otherwise modify products(s) that are not fabricated by Samsung or an agent of Samsung unless otherwise specifically agreed by the parties in writing.
Unless otherwise specifically agreed by the parties in writing, all Intellectual Property in or to all modifications and improvements to, or arising from, Samsung Deliverables are the exclusive property of Samsung and all right, title and interest in and to the same vests solely in Samsung, and IXYS may use Samsung Deliverables solely to perform its rights and obligations hereunder.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, IXYS shall have no indemnity obligation regarding any actual or alleged infringement, violation or misappropriation of any Intellectual Property of any third party to the extent such infringement, violation or misappropriation arises from the Samsung Deliverables, the manufacturing processes used by Samsung hereunder, or products based on designs acquired from Samsung pursuant to the Transaction Documents.
IXYS shall redesign certain parts of such Product based on and in accordance with Samsung Deliverables, provide the resulting design data in GDSII form to Samsung, and reasonably assist Samsung with manufacturing Engineering Samples hereunder.